Braindumps Here I come

Discussion in 'MCSE' started by I give UP, Jan 11, 2004.

  1. I give UP

    I give UP Guest

    I constantly am seeing paper cert people getting jobs in
    front of me becuase they have more certs. Don't say the
    interviewers can tell becuase they either can't or don't
    care. the hilarious things is I have enough knowledge and
    experience to blow past those that are only braidump
    MCSE's and MCADs and MCDBAs. If you can't fight them, join
    them and surpass them in their own game is my new motto.

    I need to support my family. Obviously MS doesn't care
    since the same certs I am paying for thru my unemployed
    dollars, they are shipping overseas for support as well as
    the other companies. Microsoft Billionaires and even they
    can't control their own company greed. Pride doesn't pay
    for my mortgage. When the certs are worthless I will just
    go in another direction but I absolutely blame MS as well.
    You ask where my ethics are. Same place Ms ethics are.

    So,...braindumps here I come.
    I give UP, Jan 11, 2004
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  2. I give UP

    Guest Guest

    It sounds like you need to change to a different field of work.
    Guest, Jan 12, 2004
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  3. I give UP

    Sgt Galaxy Guest


    First of all: don't give up !

    Hang on! Our time will come!!


    I am a MCP/MCSA-2000/MCSE-2000 (7 years experience) and
    still with no job, since 14 months (live in the
    It is depressing I know: but your time will come!

    Okay, some people get a job with paper certs, but i don't
    care! Why? Because WE KNOW they can't solve real crisis
    situations on the workfloor: so they will be caught

    We can ask ourselfs the following questions:

    - Do paper certs 'steal' jobs from REAL mcsa/mcse's ?
    - Is the easy way (getting paper certs by using
    braindumps) your way => Or do you believe in having REAL
    Sgt Galaxy, Jan 12, 2004
  4. I give UP

    Guest Guest

    That is an ascinine statement so I will return the favor.
    Screw you and your suggestion of a different field. Like
    I said, braindump to get the paper since I am more
    knowledgeable than those "like you" that are paper cert

    sounds like you need to take a long walk off a short peer
    for good.
    Guest, Jan 12, 2004
  5. I give UP

    Me Too Guest

    Actually I agree with the guy. MS sending our jobs
    overseas as well while wanting us here where there are no
    jobs to keep the certification up so they keep raking in
    the money. I braindumped my entired 2000 tests and I still
    know more than you turkeys.

    As for, it will catch up with them (brain dumpers one
    day). No it won't. Been seeing it going on for 3 years
    and not a one person who I know was a paper mcse (90%) was
    ever laid off, fired or asked to get a new career. The
    bosses just say well do research and get back with the
    project with a correct answer.

    Braindump all the way! Right till the certs are worth
    $.02. That is when I will switch fields. Happy braindumps

    BTW - India and Singapore are the braindump capitals so
    quit telling me and others that they are smater then us
    since they have to really strive to get a job. The only
    thing they beat us to was cxheating on the brain dumps to
    make it look like they were more dedicated and more
    intelligent. Obviously they were more intelligent. They
    just fooled corporate america.
    Me Too, Jan 12, 2004
  6. I give UP

    Wayne Guest

    Here's a true story...

    I know a network admin at a local school who got the job
    on paper certs.
    Instead of solving any network problems at the school, he
    calls the contracted helpdesk to do it for him. Can't
    even install an upgraded server without crashing the
    system (has no clue what FISMO roles are), and then get's
    in a contractor to sort it out. All the while convincing
    the headmaster that he is Superman-of-IT. Then, when a
    position opens up in the IT department, employs the one
    person who knows less than he does, simply because he has
    to keep control.
    When the revolution comes, I hope these guys are the
    first to get a size 12 up the rear

    That's my rant, FINIS
    Wayne, Jan 12, 2004
  7. I give UP

    Brat Guest

    Though I do not condone braindumps, I can certainly understand your
    frustration. I have been certified for a while now (MCSE, MCSA:M, CCNA, CNA
    & A+) yet here I stand almost 2 years later and I still do not have a job in
    the field. I am a single mom with 2 young kids and have an extensive
    Administrative background (clerk that is not net admin). I have worked in
    Customer Service for over 15 years. Yet I am still unemployed... I cannot
    get Admin jobs (even as a lowly receptionist even though I am trained up to
    management levels)... I can't get IT jobs... hell I even volunteered my time
    to my kids school and, while they are begging for help, I waited almost 2
    months... contacting them repeatedly... and still nothing!! I cannot even
    get a job that pays NOTHING! What does that tell you? I had to go on EI
    (government funded) just so I could feed my kids. I moved into my mother's
    2 bedroom house, sharing a room with my 11 yr old daughter AND my 7 year old
    son, because I could not afford groceries or rent. Now that small bit of
    funding ($202/week CDN-equates to about $5/hr) is gone since 2 days ago.

    I have hounded people to death... I have called HR managers to ask about
    jobs (current or future) and only one called me back (out of about 30 or
    so)!! I have flipped thru the phone book even and sent out resumes and
    letters of introduction... I tear apart the paper constantly... I utilize a
    few job search engines that I browse daily... and nothing!

    To date I have had 3 job interviews... 1 = administration (clerical), 2 =
    Wireless (never got the job), and 3 = call center that pays high school grad
    the same amount as college grads and guarantees you nights (do the math...
    $9.50/hr working nights as a single mom... pay goes to day(night)care... and
    still no money for rent and groceries) for the first 6 months and even after
    that, they could not guarantee what type of shifts I would get! They told
    me they pay the HS and college grads the same amount of money and dared to
    tell me that I would be hard pressed to get more! They basically told me my
    $21,000 education was worthless! Yet here I stand sending them an
    application again because, now that my funding is gone, I have nothing! I
    have lost almost 2 years of my life looking for jobs and I have failed.

    And yet, we see it on here daily... braindumpers with jobs... while the
    knowledgeable (like myself) are left out in the cold! Where are these jobs?
    Why must an educated person settle while the cheaters get the better

    I have said no to my kids on numerous occasions to things that should not be
    an issue (ie. schoolmates birthday parties, etc) because I do not have the
    funds! My kids wanted to get into guiding and scouts this year... thank god
    I heard about a program here locally that helps parents get funding and I
    was able to get them into these programs! The schools gave me a list of
    school supplies and a list of the fees they charge that I had to pay at the
    beginning of the school year! That money had to come from somewhere... Now
    both my kids came home from school today telling me that starting next month
    the school is taking them skating once a week. Thank god my daughter now
    wears my shoe size and I could give her my old skates... but her helmet is
    too small so it goes to my son... but she now needs a new helmet and my son
    needs skates! THAT money has to come from somewhere! It never ends!!!!

    These sons of bitches who cheat their way thru are sitting back laughing at
    us who worked so hard (myself as a single mom) because they have the jobs...
    the paycheque! I blame the HR guys! They bitch and moan about getting
    unsatisfactory workers yet they are the idiots who hire them... who don't
    fire them... who missed out because they don't try to find the solution to
    getting skilled workers or are too cheap to pay for the quality work that we
    can provide!

    I chose this field 3.5 years ago because it interested me... I thought it
    was something I could enjoy doing... not because I heard you could make a
    TON of money at it... I just wanted a job I could look forward to going to

    ok I'm done my ranting for now... stay tune next week for further
    Brat, Jan 12, 2004
  8. I give UP

    Guest Guest

    Sounds like you don't know what FISMO roles are either... what the hell does the "I" stand for?

    At least if you are going to gripe about something, get it right!

    ----- Wayne wrote: -----

    Here's a true story...

    I know a network admin at a local school who got the job
    on paper certs.
    Instead of solving any network problems at the school, he
    calls the contracted helpdesk to do it for him. Can't
    even install an upgraded server without crashing the
    system (has no clue what FISMO roles are), and then get's
    in a contractor to sort it out. All the while convincing
    the headmaster that he is Superman-of-IT. Then, when a
    position opens up in the IT department, employs the one
    person who knows less than he does, simply because he has
    to keep control.
    When the revolution comes, I hope these guys are the
    first to get a size 12 up the rear

    That's my rant, FINIS
    Guest, Jan 12, 2004
  9. I give UP

    Bored of IT Guest

    That's advice i've actually taken. I find IT is mundane and boring these
    days. It's like being a washine machine mechanic. I have a degree in
    electrical engineering and they still call us technicians at work. I demand
    respect! LOL. My past few contracts as an SQL admin have really bored me. I
    find it hard keeping awake at work. I have been considering going back to
    comms. and getting my ccie, or going back to scientific application
    development on unix/c++. Just for the fun of it i've gone back to uni and
    have been doing psychology courses. I think I'm going to become a
    psychologist and feed off the depressed IT community. Or maybe medicine is
    more atune to my liking. IT is just a boring sweat hole for the new blue
    collar worker.

    Bored of IT, Jan 13, 2004
  10. My boss would never hire a Single Mom with all yer certs.

    He would laugh you out the door.

    You problably don't have a clue about computers - never
    formatted a disk or know what formar means.

    Don't mean to sound harsh, but come on get real.

    A jobless single mom with a CCNA ... thats hilarious!!!
    SingleMomTekkieHatta, Jan 13, 2004
  11. I give UP

    Brat Guest

    no you are right... I do not know what a formar is... but I do know how to
    Brat, Jan 13, 2004
  12. I give UP

    JaR Guest


    That's IT??? You are gonna let that asshat get away that easy?

    I know you're a little depressed right now, But that troll should have rated
    at least a blue-white flame.

    "Illegitimatus non carborundum"

    JaR, Jan 13, 2004
  13. I give UP

    zeus Guest

    To SingleMomTekkieHatta,

    Oh .. Come on .. don't be a jacka** .. Be a little bit considerate while

    Without a job is harsh these days. It is worse if you are a single mom.
    It is much much worse if you have 3+ years experience and loads of
    certs. These certs are not free you know. (Even if you are paper cert,
    you have to spend money on brain dumps..unless you are a cheapo brain
    dumpers who always ask for free brain dumps in newsgroup..)
    zeus, Jan 13, 2004
  14. I give UP

    Ken Briscoe Guest


    Yeah...Sue, don't lay down and take it that easy. (Insert joke here)
    It's been like a week since Paisleyskye left....there's been few lamers to
    flame. We need a good old-fashioned hate-fest up in here. But you gotta kick
    it off, he was all up in your grill yo.


    KB - MCNGP "silent thug" #26

    first initial last name AT hotmail DOT com
    Ken Briscoe, Jan 13, 2004
  15. I give UP

    |{evin Guest

    Flamers who can't spell are the funniest.
    |{evin, Jan 13, 2004
  16. I give UP

    Adam Leinss Guest

    OK tough guy, what does formar mean or did you mean FORMAT?

    Adam Leinss, Jan 13, 2004
  17. I give UP

    Infidel Guest

    For all of you unemployed MS certed people out there,I
    want to wish you the best.I can see those of you who spend
    so much energy flaming "braindumpers" are actually using
    that lame flame as an excuse or explanation as to why you
    are still unemployed.Employers look at many other things
    besides total number of certs,experience,number of
    From what I can see in job postings,the better jobs
    will always go to College Degree'd first,cert'ed
    last.Maybe the stereotype created by Linux/NT burn outs
    has left a bad taste in everybody's mouth,especially those
    enviroments who are now migrating to W2k/W2k3 native from
    everything else.I know it's back asswards but that's how
    most management types think.They'll hire "like
    minded" ,"yes men" types first everytime.The stories of
    tenured experience giving way to college know little or
    nothings are as old as time itself.
    That explains alot of what we have seen in every
    industry recently and to date in the form of companies in
    various sectors going bankrupt and all manner of
    management types becoming "penitentiary wifes" on somewhat
    short notice.I refer to this category of "employee" as
    the "blowjob" type as they will be doing somebody
    somewhere,somehow eventually.It seems as if the rest of us
    are out numbered regardless of our
    experience/certification/employment status.I don't work in
    the IT field directly as I was have to take a minimum of
    about a 10k reduction in salary to start at the best of
    positions and then the benefits wouldn't match my current
    Fed package.
    So I'll stay where I am and clue you others in on the
    fact that the FED is going native W2k/W2k3 in most
    departments currently.I would only do IT in a military
    enviroment being a VET as I see all other IT
    departments,except the Treasury, as a collection of idiots
    not worth carrying.I meet a new friend at a testing center
    last month as I was taking my 070-228.He is an
    Indian,educated in the US ,with a MBA and is Oracle
    cert'ed with massive Solaris experience.He lost his series
    of employments due to Windows SQL migrations.He was
    failing his 070-215 next to me when we met,trying to get
    his MCDBA.
    If you think your having trouble with AD,GPO,etc. or
    getting a job after soaking it up at the 6 figure
    rate,life style included, try explaining all the benefits
    of these Windows enhancements from the hip to an original
    unemployed Unix expert.The migration from everything to
    Windows may well have to do with 's lawsuit
    with IBM concerning the long overdue/under prosecuted
    System 5 SC copyright violations which is what all modern
    Linux is.Indemnity by distributors for end users has never
    been an option.Keep this in mind if you think your
    technical assets are worthless.
    As far as "braindumps" go,if you can memorize a 2/3/400
    test question pool per 50/60 question test,and then answer
    then at complete random,go for it.It will be hard to not
    learn something.I started my IT training at Devry,back
    when their IT branch wasn't even accredited yet in
    1979/80?.I hope it's better today than then and I'm glad I
    couldn't afford to graduate then.I recently went with
    AppDev tutorials{excellent gaurantee} and all the test
    questions I could find from {Kazaa}anywhere.I have 20
    machines{no TV's},several copies of W2k
    Adv.Server,W2k3Ent.,Xp,W98 etc. that I play/learn with.
    {Pick up some Eval copies at Ebay Cheap!!}Don't be
    stupid ,especially if you are low on cash.If you don't
    have an idea what is expected of you at test time,I mean
    down to the format/bad grammar/misspellings,etc.,how do
    you expect to consistently succeed?I have failed tests due
    to all of these shortcomings,including error messages
    {WTF??},and time controls.It is not fun and it is very
    exspensive.Knowledge,the ultimate weapon,is not cheating.
    If you don't pass a majority of the time,you will be
    creating the most exspensive "braindump" ever in your own
    head!This type of "braindump" will NOT get you hired
    anywhere,gauranteed.You have no friends except GOD in the
    testing center.So get your asses in there with what it
    takes to SLAM the test and take no prisoners.And if Joe
    Opinionated Shit tells you he never studied a test
    question,took a practice test,or failed a test for a
    current cert worth having,he's probably lying.Unless of
    course he is an NT MCSE which was far easier to get than
    current certs.And I can't tell which is worse, an NT
    burnout or a Linux fag.

    Now get your ass back to studying/work.The IT field cannot
    wait on your lazy asses when it has to say, "oh shit,where
    are all my MCP's?".

    MCDBA,W2k SE/SA{Security Spec},CCNA 3.0,A+,Network+
    MCSD/AD is next!
    Infidel, Jan 13, 2004
  18. I give UP

    Wayne Guest

    Oops, well if we're going to get anal about it....

    Correction folks, FSMO, not FISMO, otherwise known as
    Operations Master Roles
    either... what the hell does the "I" stand for?
    Wayne, Jan 13, 2004
  19. I give UP

    AHA Guest

    FISMO stands for -F-lex-I-ble -S-ingle -M-aster -O-
    perations. Or just make up your own one bud. Who cares...
    You might if your braindumps keep referring to FSMO, us
    other real-world MCSE's know what he means.
    either... what the hell does the "I" stand for?
    AHA, Jan 13, 2004
  20. So how do you like working in a dead end job?

    She knows what "grep clue SingleMomTekkieHatta" produces. Do you?

    Does getting real mean I have to think like your boss? Sorry, you couldn't
    pay me enough to be a biggot.

    I see you are no more respectable than your boss.
    Politician Spock, Jan 13, 2004
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