braindumps aren't all that bad are they?

Discussion in 'Microsoft Certification' started by peter, Mar 18, 2006.

  1. **Ross's** the one who fcukin said it
    Depends on the MCP you get. But how exactly does one make sure that an MCP
    is an MCP and not just some schmuck that memorized his way through the
    exams? I know that when we hire people we usually require them to perform
    some sort of skills assessment. So that we know the person isn't just
    *saying* he knows something.

    We have hired twits in the past that say they know Word and Excel and
    Outlook, but their first day on the job usually starts off by asking me how
    to Double Space a paragraph, or how to add up the values in a column, or how
    to add an attachment to an e-mail. If they *knew* those programs, they
    would know how to do all that. No, I think these twits believe that because
    they own a pirated copy of Office 97 they think they can add the knowledge
    to their resume.
    Very true.
    That would be the end of entertainment as we know it. But I get your point.
    Actually, CCNA is another big dump on the list. Just because the classes are
    offered in most community colleges, doesn't mean they are any different.
    I've got my CCNA (well, almost...I've passed all the classes, but I just
    missed the cutoff point before they started with the NEW exam testing, so I
    would have had to study ALL 4 new exams in order to take the exam...fsuk
    that) anyways...The CCNA and CCNP and the other Cisco exams are also taken
    at certified testing centers.
    Yes, theoretical and hands-on would add a new level of difficulty to the
    exams...and that may be where MS decides to go in the future, who
    knows...BUT...there are Certified testing centers out there that also cheat
    (such as those in India and Egypt *so I have heard*). So, the change
    wouldn't help much there, as they would just start cheating on those
    Why yes, yes it does. Got it from The Life of Brian. It is one of the many
    different spellings of it. I believe Biggus Dickus is the correct spelling.

    Ross, have you been to Come over and check us out.
    Bigus Di©kus, Apr 10, 2006
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