Bought canon a70 and now my Win 98 computer is toast after loading software

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by bill, Dec 26, 2003.

  1. bill

    bill Guest

    Downloaded the drivers from the CD and on reboot after driver install
    I hang up and cannot do anything. Even in safe mode it locks up and
    trying to boot from the CD i get Matrix like movement accross my
    screen. Is there any hope?? I was going to uninstall drivers but I
    cant do anything.
    bill, Dec 26, 2003
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  2. bill

    GAH Guest

    I'm not aware of any camera driver that can do that. Sounds very much like
    a virus to me. You say it locks up in safe mode, but how long before it
    does this? Any chance of being able to activate your anti virus software
    and let it do a system scan before it locks?
    GAH, Dec 26, 2003
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  3. bill

    Drifter Guest

    I'm not aware of any camera driver that can do that. Sounds very much like

    It's also possible that the video card either is loose in the socket
    or decided to fail. I had a similar thing happen where I installed
    new software for a device and after a reboot nothing worked right.
    Finally thought about how I had run the connectors for the physical
    connection for the device and realized I had jiggled the video
    connections. Pulled the vid card and reseated and voila, problem

    I realize it's a long shot, but what the hey, why not give it a shot.

    Drifter, Dec 26, 2003
  4. bill

    bill Guest

    Well, my antivirus was coming up before it locked up in safemode, and
    found nothing. The thing is, no problems ever, and when the drivers
    were installed from the cd, you had to restart to get installation
    complete, and that is when it happened. Now I cannot even hit f8 and
    get to the safe mode anymore, just a blank screen. I tried booting
    with the floppy and it doesnt do anything there, either, just a blank
    screen...I am beginning to fear i will have to reformat and start all
    over. About all I can do is get to the bios.
    bill, Dec 26, 2003
  5. bill

    zbzbzb Guest

    Well, my antivirus was coming up before it locked up in safemode, and
    Though it is coincidental with your software installation attempt I wouldn't
    rule out a hardware problem.
    zbzbzb, Dec 26, 2003
  6. bill

    Tumbleweed Guest

    Use the boot floppy or CD that you made when you installed your AV software.
    Tumbleweed, Dec 26, 2003
  7. bill

    GAH Guest

    This is an "after the fact" thing and won't help you at this moment, but for
    future consideration, think about getting a program such as "Go Back". It
    runs in the background taking snapshots of your system so if something on
    the software or OS side goes nutty, you can tell it to take your system back
    to an earlier time. This program works much better than Windows "system
    restore" feature, because it does not require the computer to be fully
    booted up to work... it appears immediately after you turn your computer on,
    and allows you 3 seconds to hit your space bar to activate it.

    Again, won't help you now, but it might be of help for future problems.

    GAH, Dec 26, 2003
  8. bill

    CARBUFF Guest

    I tried booting
    Ok, if you cannot even boot to a floppy then this has nothing to do with your
    windows installation. You have a hardware problem. How will you reformat if you
    cant even boot to a floppy? I would start pulling cards and reseating ram etc.
    Did you install the usb cable? Maybe thats the culprit. It could have caused a
    problem or unseated something when you plugged it in. No boot to floppy=no
    windows problem. Does the post screen identify all your hardware correctly?
    Maybe your mouse or keyboard cable is halfway unplugged or something like that.
    Good luck.

    CARBUFF, Dec 26, 2003
  9. bill

    bill Guest

    I did try the floppy and the cd. The CD first and it did the Matrix
    deal on the screen. Then tried the floppy and it won't do anything.
    Some additional info, My son and my bro-in-law (who is a programmer
    and knows his stuff) were installing it when a message came up that
    the driver install failed and to uninstall and reboot...but during
    that reboot is when everything failed. My Bro in law did offer to
    install 2000 if we cant get it back up. He had to leave, it was late,
    and we had tried all the "easy" stuff. Just thought that someone
    might have experienced something similar and would have some advice.
    Thanks for the help so far, everyone.
    bill, Dec 26, 2003
  10. bill

    bill Guest

    Thks George

    I took the back off and chked to be sure everything seems sturdy.
    Nothing was loose. by the post screen I am guessing you mean the
    screen that flashes for about .4 seconds after I leave the bios
    screen. I hit pause at just the right time (after a couple tries:):))
    and it did identify my hard drive and cd drives and amount of ram
    correctly. We didnt install any hardware. My son was installing
    the new driver and got a message install failed. Good question about
    reformatting. If I cant get it fixed I am going to let my bro-in-law
    install windows 2000 which wouldnt be a bad thing, either I suppose.
    If it is hardware it is just one of those incedible coincidences.
    bill, Dec 27, 2003
  11. bill

    GAH Guest

    I'm not familiar with Win 2000, but if memory serves, doesn't that version
    have NO support for USB ports? If your computer has USB (which most do)
    would that not make them, and all USB devices you have, unable to run on the

    GAH, Dec 27, 2003
  12. Win 2K does support USB. I'm using both to write this.
    rhodo chrosite, Dec 27, 2003
  13. bill

    steve Guest

    It is NT that does not support USB (although I have seen some 3rd party
    drivers that allow it to work with specific USB devices)

    steve, Dec 27, 2003
  14. bill

    Sam Smith Guest

    Install and operation of my A70 s/w was perfect on my Win XP machine. Not a
    single hitch...
    Sam Smith, Dec 27, 2003
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