booting router from tftp: image is stored within a sub-dir in tftp root

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by Sharad, Feb 13, 2007.

  1. Sharad

    Sharad Guest


    I have a 7200 series router. Image version: c7200-is-mz.123-6f.bin
    I want to boot it from tftp.

    The config register is set to 0x0 and the router is in rommon mode.
    I use the following command:
    rommon> boot <image name> <tftp ip>

    The router boots successfully from the specifed image.

    The image is stored on the tftp server as :
    /tftpboot/<image name>

    However, if the image is stored in a sub-directory on the tftp server
    and the sub-directory as well as all files/dirs inside it have 777
    permission, and the command is:
    rommon>boot sharad/<image name> <tftp ip>

    the router does not boot up.
    I also tried,
    rommon>boot /tftpboot/sharad/<image name> <tftp ip>

    The image is stored as:
    /tftpboot/sharad/<image name>
    but it does not work.

    Any idea, how do I boot the router from tftp and pick up the image
    from a sub-dir in tftp root directory.

    Any info will be appreciated.


    Sharad, Feb 13, 2007
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