Boot ROMS for a 2620

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by CiscoKid, Jul 13, 2005.

  1. CiscoKid

    CiscoKid Guest

    Can anybody tell me the best way to obtain Boot ROMS for a 2620? Or at
    what level I would need to be at to be able to support 32MB of FLASH? I
    actually picked up a set of Boot ROMS on eBay for a 2500 a few years ago,
    but I didn't find just Boot ROMS there.

    Thanks in advance,

    CiscoKid, Jul 13, 2005
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  2. CiscoKid

    Brian V Guest

    I've never seen the ROMS for sale by themselves for a 2600 series. Usually
    you have to buy the kit with includes them. Part number your looking for is
    Brian V, Jul 13, 2005
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  3. CiscoKid

    Martin Kayes Guest

    To support 32M Flash the minimum boot ROM version is 12.1(3r)T1, and the
    minimum Cisco IOSĀ® Software version is 12.1(3)T. If you have 12.1.x then it
    must have a T, XM or YX on the end; i.e. 12.1.3T

    The Boot ROM is upgraded with the IOS upgrade. If you have installed a
    blank flash then you need to either XModem the IOS image on or use the
    tftpdnld command from rommon mode.

    It is very likely that the following instructions from Cisco's website will
    also work:

    Issue the global configuration boot system tftp filename [ip-address]
    command to boot to a file from a TFTP server. To boot a file named
    "c2600-is-mz.121-5.T10.bin" from a TFTP server with an IP address of, this would be the command:

    2620(config)#boot system tftp c2600-is-mz.121-5.T10.bin
    2620#write mem
    Before reloading the router, verify these steps:

    You can ping the TFTP server address from the router.
    The TFTP server software is running.
    The file is in the root directory of the TFTP server.
    The filename is spelled correctly. It must be exact. It is case sensitive,
    as in the following example:

    Issue the copy tftp flash command to copy the new image to Flash. This is
    necessary because booting from a TFTP server only writes the Cisco IOS file
    to RAM. This is done after the router comes up with the new Cisco IOS. Once
    the compatible image is copied to Flash, remove the boot system tftp
    command, as follows:

    2620(config)#no boot system tftp c2600-is-mz.121-5.T10.bin
    2620#write mem


    Martin Kayes, Jul 13, 2005
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