Boot failure on XP, various errors, missing hal.dll etc...

Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by zaqxws, Sep 27, 2013.

  1. zaqxws

    Paul Guest

    When the clone software made its copy, it should have
    done it in such a way that C: is still C:. You want
    the booting partition to get the right drive letter
    after all, as lots of things could fail if the letter
    got changed by mistake.

    I would not change anything, unless there was evidence
    that when I boot from the new drive, the OS became D:. I wouldn't
    really like that very much - I'd probably attempt to clone it
    again if that happened.

    A careful reading with PTEDIT32, of the original disk MBR,
    can shine a lot of light on just what happened. I've had
    a disk here, where two partition entries were swapped and
    not in spatial order. And that can result in the symptoms
    you're seeing (as the cloning software will try to
    straighten it all out and put the entries in the
    table in spatial order).

    To check the spatial ordering, while looking at PTEDIT32,
    look at the "starting sector" for each partition. If the
    partition entries were in order, the "starting sector"
    of each row in the table, would be greater than the previous row.

    Paul, Oct 1, 2013
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  2. zaqxws

    zaqxws Guest

    Well I have been looking at the other error and it seem the only solution would be to copy all my old stuff to a new login which I did.
    However I am having trouble getting ity to boot at all on the the 250gig drive.
    It just hangs with a black screen and a blink in cursor )underscore) after telling hard drive failure imminent.
    Also I notice there was no boot.ini in the root folder, but it still seem to boot without it before. But it does not seem to boot now.
    I had to do a big copy of the hp_owners folders that might not have helped on a bad drive, but I am sure I booted before after doing all that.
    zaqxws, Oct 1, 2013
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  3. zaqxws

    zaqxws Guest

    OK I remover the drive tapped it a bit put it back on and it is booting.
    zaqxws, Oct 1, 2013
  4. zaqxws

    Paul Guest

    That sounds good. Must be a real healthy drive.

    You can use HDTune and its health tab to display the
    current SMART statistics for the hard drive. HDTune
    is a Windows program.

    Paul, Oct 1, 2013
  5. zaqxws

    zaqxws Guest

    OK I am looking at it now

    DRIVE 2 250meg drive

    Parts 1 Sectors before 63 sectors 12579777 FAT32 X 6142 MB

    Parts 2 Sectors before 12579840 sectors 475811280 Installable FS(NTFS HPFS) bootable 232329 NB

    DRIVE 1 500 gb drive.

    Part 1 Sectors before 63 sectors 12610962 FAT32. bootable 6157 MB

    Part 2 Sectors before 12611031 sectors 964157034 Installable File system ((NTFS HPFS), 4707779

    So the key things are, the FAT32 file system, which is the smaller recovery partition comes first on each drive.

    However, the key thing it says is that the large partition on the 500gb drive does not say bootable, which is perhaps not surprising as it does not boot!!!
    zaqxws, Oct 1, 2013
  6. zaqxws

    zaqxws Guest

    Well I don't know if it is that healthy, I originally stopped using it because
    it came up with bad sectors, I think I may have used HDtune or similar to do that, can't remember clearly.
    But the best way to describe it is unreliable, I am only really using it asit is the only one which will boot!!!

    I wonder if freeing up space on it might improve performance, ie more good sectors, there is only about 10gb left, copying my login data increased thesize used. I can delete a lot of stuff though, there is a lot of stuff I never use and it is backed up anyway.
    zaqxws, Oct 1, 2013
  7. zaqxws

    zaqxws Guest

    Just been looking at the login problem and found some interesting stuff like this, the guy here thinks he has got rid of it with a system restore only to report it is back again!!!!!!

    Actually it is the system restore which puts it on I believe.

    Also found this thread which is worrying

    It says it is bloat where when you install a HP printer, I installed a HP printer on the machine a while back, that is about the time I notice the HP folder I think.

    I have to install it on this machine too, which is worrying, very worrying!!

    This maybe a solution for windows 7
    zaqxws, Oct 1, 2013
  8. zaqxws

    Paul Guest

    OK, this is how I'd attempt to fix the 500GB. I'll assume
    the 500GB C: has a "good CHKDSK" and a quick check shows the
    right files are there (WINDOWS directory, boot.ini at the root level
    and so on).

    1) Using PTEDIT32, set a boot flag on the 500GB. If you look at
    the 250GB, you'll see one and only one partition, has the
    value "80" for the boot flag. That is the partition marked to
    boot on the 250GB. Then, change the disk selection in PTEDIT32,
    go to the 500GB, and edit the boot flag to 80 on the partition
    that you expect will do the booting on the 500GB.

    2) Open boot.ini on the 500GB booting partition. Check the ARC.

    This is my ARC, and my first partition is the one that boots.
    It is possible yours will say "Partition(2)".

    multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Professional"

    At this point, you can try test-booting the 500GB hard drive,
    as that might be the only broken thing.

    3) Boot the WinXP installer CD (or use your command console) to
    get to the recovery console. For the following commands, if only
    the 500GB disk is connected, there will be less confusion about
    what the target of the command is to be.

    The "fixmbr" command re-loads 440 bytes of code into the MBR
    (which is sector 0).

    The "fixboot" command re-loads a few sectors of code near
    the beginning of the large partition on your 500GB drive. This
    is the so-called "partition boot sector". It is part of the
    boot process. Normally, this only gets wiped out if the
    partition is formatted. And if you formatted the partition,
    there wouldn't be any files on it. It's highly unlikely
    this needs to be done.

    Those commands are only available in recovery console, which
    is a damn nuisance.

    That's why I recommend a test boot attempt after step 2. That
    might be enough to get it going. If it doesn't work, you can
    try step 3 and the commands there, but if it's broken, I really
    don't expect step 3 to magically fix it. The recovery procedure
    likely wouldn't have broken the things I'm trying to fix in
    step 3.

    Paul, Oct 1, 2013
  9. zaqxws

    Paul Guest

    Your second link mentions HP Simplepass as a factor. And
    that is a fingerprint reader software used to log you in.
    Do you have a fingerprint reader ? Does it use Simplepass software ?

    Paul, Oct 1, 2013
  10. zaqxws

    zaqxws Guest

    Short answer is no, never heard of it.
    Will go to your previous post.
    zaqxws, Oct 1, 2013
  11. zaqxws

    zaqxws Guest

    OK first things first, that are no boot.ini file on either the 250 or 500gb drives!!!!!

    Just noticed that recently!!!
    Can't believe my eyes!! How can it boot?

    However if I go into msconfig it shows the contents of the boot.ini file I expect, ie it also has the ubuntu line.
    So where is the system getting the data from?
    I always assumed it was from boot.ini in the root folder.

    There are no boot.ini's on my backups for those drives either, however there is one for the older 80gig drive.

    If I do a "check all boot paths" on the 250gb drive it says:
    "it appears the following line in the boot.ini does not refer to a valid operating system."

    C\:CMDCONS\BOOTSECT.DAT="mircosoft windows recovery console" /cmdcons"
    Would you like to remove it from the boot.ini file?
    zaqxws, Oct 1, 2013
  12. zaqxws

    zaqxws Guest

    Well as I said in my previous post there appears to be no boot.ini!!

    Actually it is there I had to reset a folder option to show system files.

    So false alarm, I thought showing hidden files would be enough, but apparently not.

    It could be that I failed to back up some system files because of this!!!!
    zaqxws, Oct 1, 2013
  13. zaqxws

    zaqxws Guest

    OK that was a false alarm the files are there they were hidden system files.
    Fixed now.
    zaqxws, Oct 1, 2013
  14. zaqxws

    zaqxws Guest

    Both say partition 2 on the 250 and the 500.
    Only difference is the time out which is 10 on one and 15 on the other to
    speed boot up 5 second.


    I did step and set the flag to 80, I set the flag on the other partition to0
    which I assume is the right thing to do.
    It booted up to the login screen but the keyboard did not seem to work, maybe it was busy so I used a test login with no pass word then tested the keyboard on a file and it worked so switch back to my old login and could putin pass word, old familiar desktop was there and all my setting ie outlookexpesss email worked fine so that all looks great.

    I did notice on the test login it has the pintostart set in the msconfig startup. Not sure if that was there before, but at least it is not in my mainlogin so it's fine. Maybe it just puts it on the first user you login, if so I was lucky I logged into test first, but not sure.msconfig

    Will just try some tests on that.
    zaqxws, Oct 1, 2013
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