Bluetooth Places vs. Bluetooth Devices - Radio not plugged in?

Discussion in 'Wireless Networking' started by Mike Miller, Jan 9, 2008.

  1. Mike Miller

    Mike Miller Guest

    I’m trying to connect my phone to my laptop via Bluetooth and am hitting a
    snag. I’ve done a lot of research and found others with the same problem,
    but no solution that worked for me. I also spent an hour on the phone with
    HP support with no luck. This is a rather lengthy post because I’ve included
    all of the details I can think of; my questions are listed first.

    * What is the difference between My Bluetooth Places, Control
    Panel/Bluetooth Configuration and Control Panel/Bluetooth Devices? Why do my
    BT device and the COM ports show up under the first two but not the third?

    * Is the error I’m getting trying to add the COM port under Devices the
    reason ActiveSync doesn’t show up as an available service on my phone?

    *Do I need to select any other Available Service on my phone or the laptop
    (such as one of the BT Serial Ports) to enable ActiveSync to work?

    Laptop specs – HP/Compaq NC6400 (built-in BT), WinXP Pro SP2, Outlook 2007,
    ActiveSync 4.5.0
    Phone specs – Cingular 8125 (HTC Wizard), WinMobile 5.0. Syncs with the
    laptop correctly with a USB cable.

    There are three places in WinXP related to setting up a BT device I know of
    – My BT Places, Control Panel/BT Configuration and Control Panel/BT Devices.
    These are the details of my current configuration:
    Under My BT Places:
    * My Device - My ActiveSync is an available service. Properties indicate it
    is using COM7, Startup Automatically, Secure Connection.
    * My Device - My Bluetooth Serial Port is an available service. COM9,
    Startup Automatically, Secure Connection.
    * Entire Bluetooth Neighborhood – my phone is listed and paired.
    Properties/Authorization has ActiveSync checked.

    Under Control Panel/BT Configuration:
    * Local Services – BT Serial Port is listed as COM9, ActiveSync as COM7.
    Both set to Startup Automatically. This matches what is under My BT Places.
    * Client Applications – another BT Serial Port is listed as COM8. (BTW, all
    three of these COM ports (7-9) are listed in Device Manager with no
    * Hardware – HP Integrated Module w/BT 2.0 Wireless Technology – Type = USB.
    The selected device is working properly.

    Under Control Panel/BT Devices – this is where the problems seem to be:
    * Devices – my phone is not listed, even though I paired it through My BT
    Places. If I click Add, it can’t find it. Interesting, since it’s already
    * COM Ports – no COM ports are listed, even though three of them show up
    under BT Configuration. Based on my previous research, my understanding is I
    need to add an Incoming COM port to this page. However, when I click Add,
    Incoming, I get an error “The Bluetooth radio is not currently plugged in.
    Plug in and try again.†Odd, since I just paired the device under My BT

    On my 8125:
    * Under Comm Manager/Bluetooth Settings/Devices, my computer is listed, but
    a Serial Port is the only available service. My understanding is that
    ActiveSync should be listed here.
    * In ActiveSync/Connect via Bluetooth, I get an error saying “Cannot find an
    existing BT partnership with a PC that supports ActiveSync.†I assume this
    is because ActiveSync is not showing up as an available service as noted

    ActiveSync on the laptop:
    * Under File/Connection Settings – “Allow connections to one of the
    following†is checked and set to COM7. However, if I click Connect, it
    doesn’t find my phone on COM7 or any other port.
    Mike Miller, Jan 9, 2008
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  2. Mike Miller

    shagbopper1 Guest

    any ideas of how to do this..I also am having some issue on it...
    shagbopper1, Feb 25, 2008
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  3. Mike Miller

    DigDug333 Guest

    I have a Treo 750 running WM6 using ActiveSync 4.5, I am using a Logitech BT
    Dongle, To get this to work I did the normal pairing, then I went into BT
    Configuration on the PC and on the Local Services tab at the very bottom was
    Bluetooth Serial Port, it was set on manual, I set it to Automatic by
    clicking properties, then ok. Then I went to my Treo and into Bluetooth
    settings, selected my PC hit the refresh button, then a dialog box appeared
    stating my phone was trying to connect to a com port I allowed. ActiveSync
    appeared in the list, I selected it and was able to finally sync to my PC.
    If this does not work try going to My Computer Icon, right click go to
    properties, then go to Hardware tab, then Device Manager, then on Bluetooth
    Devices and anything under that tree right click on them and select Scan for
    hardware changes. Then try to do a refresh on your Treo's BT settings for
    your PC it should appear and you should be able to sync now. If not......try
    to read more threads......
    DigDug333, Mar 8, 2008
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