Blockbuster Throttling

Discussion in 'DVD Video' started by Marshall Dudley, Jul 19, 2006.

  1. Blockbuster claims they do not throttle. However I have encountered
    cases where they do actually throttle. I live close to a Blockbuster
    store where I can return the disks myself, so I KNOW when they receive
    them. Recently I received a disk one day after shipping, and returned
    it that night. The next day it I discovered that it has not been
    deleted from my queue, so I used the "DVD Issues" and tried to notify
    them that the disk had been returned but I was not credited for it. The
    website would not allow me to make it a returned disk, instead saying
    that I have to wait another day before getting a credit for the return
    since it had not been out 3 days yet. They have a minimum cycle it
    seems of 3 days for any disk, and with 3 at a time, that limits the
    number of possible rentals in a month to about 30 if you can get them
    returned within 3 days of shipping.

    Marshall Dudley, Jul 19, 2006
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  2. Marshall Dudley

    Mark Jones Guest

    It is rediculous to complain about "only" being able to get 30
    movies in one month.
    Mark Jones, Jul 20, 2006
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  3. Marshall Dudley

    Beavis Guest

    It's ridiculous to advertise an "unlimited" service if you have no
    intention of actually providing it.
    Beavis, Jul 20, 2006
  4. Marshall Dudley

    ng_reader Guest

    Just did some checking.

    I used NetFlix, but switched to the BB for instore movies. Well worth it
    for video games. pays for itself.

    I have never had more than 19 movies sent to me in one month. And believe
    me, no movie typically stays with me for more than 24 hours.

    So, I was trying to blame that minimum wage dork at the warehouse, the one
    who kept taking too long of a lunch break to get his act together, but it
    turns out to be the MAN, who is making more money than me, and chortling at
    my stupidity.

    But, at least now I know what it's called.

    However, it makes sense. They are just helping me from myself.
    ng_reader, Jul 20, 2006
  5. Who's complaining? I get maybe 10 to 15 a month typically, with the
    delays in the mail service and me getting around to watching them.

    I am only pointing out a discrepancy in their advertising vs their
    policies. In their "policies" they claim catagorically that they do NOT
    throttle. But refusing to allow under a 3 day turnaround is from my
    perspective exactly that.

    Marshall Dudley, Jul 20, 2006
  6. Marshall Dudley

    ng_reader Guest

    As for postage rates, many times my mailer comes with a 39 cent stamp on it.
    So, no discount there.....

    ng_reader, Jul 21, 2006
  7. Marshall Dudley


    Feb 11, 2009
    Likes Received:
    No question Blockbuster is Throttling

    I have had several instances where movies were returned to the local store and it took up to three business days to see anything ship out. There were always available titles in my queue. Their latest response went like this:

    "As per checking your records, I also checked your queue and noticed that the titles at the top of your queue are on "wait" status. Once a DVD is labeled as very/long/short wait or coming soon, automatically we try to look on other distribution centers of their availability, which is why it takes three or more days for the shipping to take place. This is being done to ensure that we are always shipping the titles you want most as indicated in your priority.

    What I may suggest is for you to drag down these titles that are on long wait/short wait or coming soon status so that it will not cause delay of shipments. For more convenience, We highly recommend that you maintain 15 or more "Available" titles at the top of your queue at all times to keep DVDs on coming."

    The point is I did have available titles in slots 9-14 so this was a totally BS excuse. I don't put titles in the queue unless I want to watch them. They advertise unlimited in my case three at a time movies but they are not living up to the contract.

    I have 69 movies in my queue and 46 are currently available. Two business days have gone by since returning the three movies I had to the local store.

    Currently at the top of my queue it states:
    "To have movies shipped, just make sure you have added movies to your queue that are Available Now.There's nothing else to do. We will ship your next available DVDs within 1 business day."

    In a FAQ regarding how many DVD's can be rented in a month:

    "You can rent as many DVDs as you like, depending on your membership plan. Most BLOCKBUSTER Online subscription plans do not limit the number of online DVDs you can rent each month. You can have 1, 2, or 3 out at-a-time, depending on your online subscription plan. Just return a movie as soon as you are finished watching it, and we will send another title from your Queue, in most cases by the end of the next business day provided you have enough "Available" titles at the top of your Queue."

    What constitutes "top of your queue"? Why bother having a queue if Blockbuster is only going to look at the top? Because the "top" is not defined, how are you going to know if you have enough available titles there?

    Not shipping available titles constitutes a breach of contract because a guideline to define what the "top of the queue" is has not been defined.

    I'd love to jump on board a class action suit if only just to keep Blockbuster honest.
    housewrap, Feb 11, 2009
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