Bit the bullet-now what?

Discussion in 'Windows 64bit' started by None, May 26, 2007.

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    Well, I did it. Ordered a 15" 2.33 GHz Core 2 Duo MacBook Pro with the
    big hard drive this morning. If it isn't here by my birthday I'll pull
    out my printed copy of the order to look at while I blow out the candles.

    So now the question is: By which rituals and through how much sacrifice
    do I appease the Redmond gods for this transgression sufficiently to set
    this thing up with its native OS and 64-bit Vista in a dual-boot config,
    and maybe a 32-bit version to run in a virtual machine for when I have
    real work to do? That sounds like the best option to me right now. I'm
    not so much interested in the nuts and bolts at this point as I am in
    how many licenses/copies I have to buy and from whom. From what I've
    read here I'm figuring I'll need two-one each for the 64-bit and 32-bit
    versions. Could I get either or both via download, or will brick and
    mortar be part of the equation?

    Mind you, I'm not here to defend the logic of any of this. I went
    through all that when I didn't get the pony I asked for as a little boy.
    Now, at long last, I'm getting even. I AM going to get what I want,
    and no one's going to deprive me of it!
    None, May 26, 2007
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  2. You download Boot Camp 1.2 and install it on OS/X. Boot Camp will walk you
    through procedures to partition the drive, set up a dual boot, create the
    Mac drivers for Windows cd, and start the Windows installation in the new
    partition. You can download full instructions from Apple when you download
    Boot Camp so detailed instructions here are not needed.

    Keep in mind that Boot Camp is beta 1.2 and as far as I know has drivers for
    the Mac hardware only for 32bit XP and Vista. I have not heard of 64bit
    drivers yet. The OS would run but drivers may be a problem in 64bit. Boot
    Camp will not go final until Leopard releases in the fourth quarter so if
    64bit drivers are not yet available it may be that long before they are.
    However, since Boot Camp also includes the tools to easily revert the
    Windows partition to OS/X again, you can try it out and see.

    Each installation of Windows will require its own license, including the
    virtual machine.
    Colin Barnhorst, May 26, 2007
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