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Discussion in 'MCDST' started by Barry Anderson, Apr 1, 2008.

  1. Hi guys its been a while havnt been doing any studying for ages have a bit
    of a problem. my pc stats but ater a few seconds my monitor turns off. Any
    suggestions been raking my brains but cant seem to get it I am drawing a
    blank After passing my MCDST I relised it wasnt for me maybe this is why,
    any help would be much appreiciated.

    Thanks in advance.
    Barry Anderson, Apr 1, 2008
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  2. Barry Anderson

    Montreal MCT Guest

    I would start by running your posts through a grammar checker before posting
    them... I'm not sure what you are asking. -M
    Montreal MCT, Apr 1, 2008
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  3. Barry Anderson

    PAJ Guest

    *Resolution too high for monitor.
    *Faulty monitor.
    *User error.
    *Foot wrapped around monitor leccy lead. Too much foot tapping at very
    rhythmic windows jingle dislodges cable.
    *No coinage in leccy meter (does pc switch off also?).
    *Mischievous pet.
    *Amnesia. You turn it off and forget.
    *Monitor OK. You are shutting your eyes.

    Take your pick but I would go with the first one.
    PAJ, Apr 1, 2008
  4. Borrowing PAJ items, if your PC turns off as well it could be a power
    supply or fan issue. Honestly there is not enough background to

    Michael D. Alligood, MCITP, MCTS, MCSA, MCDST
    The I.T. Classroom -
    CertGuard, Inc. -
    Microsoft's Six Steps to Certifications -
    Michael D. Alligood [CertGuard, Inc.], Apr 1, 2008
  5. M, he is typing blind. Didn't you read the post? His monitor turns
    itself off!!! :)
    Michael D. Alligood, MCITP, MCTS, MCSA, MCDST
    The I.T. Classroom -
    CertGuard, Inc. -
    Microsoft's Six Steps to Certifications -
    Michael D. Alligood [CertGuard, Inc.], Apr 1, 2008
  6. Barry Anderson

    Montreal MCT Guest

    Montreal MCT, Apr 1, 2008
  7. Barry Anderson

    Joseph Guest


    It could be a couple of things.

    Do you know if the pc recently had updated video adapter drivers?

    Regardless, reboot your machine, press F8 to enter Safe Mode.
    Windows will load the default drivers for VGA adapters
    Check your display resolution. You do this by right-clicking on your desktop
    Select Properties, then click on the Settings Tab.
    Ensure that resolution is set to a lower setting (something such as
    Click apply.
    On the Advanced Tab, and change your Monitor refresh rate to 60Hz.
    Click apply and restart your machine.

    It is possible that your machine had the driver's updated and you were
    unaware, so the above step is the way to go.

    It is also possible that your Display Settings were adjusted too high, doing
    the above task will correct this issue

    It may also be caused by a loose cable, but highly doubtful, as you have
    stated that the monitor turns off, which would indicate that it was on and
    receiving power in the first place.

    I would like to take the time to apologize for the other responses you have
    received on this thread, as smart-ass comments aren't going to help a fellow
    pc user solve his problem.

    Plz let us know if this solves the problem.

    Joseph Butler
    Joseph, Apr 2, 2008
  8. Barry Anderson

    PAJ Guest

    "fellow pc user" wtf?
    An my ass is not smart.
    I have a pretty peachy arse though. Maybe that's what you were looking
    PAJ, Apr 2, 2008
  9. Hey Joe. Perhaps NOT post a PC issue in a Microsoft Certification
    newsgroup might get him advice he's looking for. If one cannot post in
    the correct newsgroup, how can you expect them to follow your
    directions? Besides, there is not enough background on the issue. PAJ
    offered somewhat good advice with humor. Laugh. Regardless, there is no
    patch for human stupidity. I had a service call that was very similar
    where the users foot slightly unplugged the monitor. So... oh never
    Michael D. Alligood, MCITP, MCTS, MCSA, MCDST
    The I.T. Classroom -
    CertGuard, Inc. -
    Microsoft's Six Steps to Certifications -
    Michael D. Alligood [CertGuard, Inc.], Apr 2, 2008
  10. Barry Anderson

    PAJ Guest

    LOL. Similar here.
    User had logged incident that her PC kept switching off at random times.
    It turned out her PC was powered by a 4-gang power extension lead. This
    in turn was resting behind her foot rest. Every now and then she would
    stretch out her legs, knocking the foot rest enough to catch the rocker
    switch on the extension lead. This caused enough pressure on the switch
    to turn off her PC, monitor and speakers. She was not noticing the
    monitor and speakers switching off as they came back on instantly. The
    PC not until she switched it on.
    Of course being the professional I did not embarrass her about this when
    discovering the cause of the issue ;)
    PAJ, Apr 2, 2008
  11. Barry Anderson

    john morris Guest

    It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data.(Sherlock Homes).
    john morris, Apr 3, 2008
  12. Barry Anderson

    john morris Guest

    posting to this site is like talking on CB radio, you never know what your
    connected to?
    john morris, Apr 3, 2008
  13. Barry Anderson

    demonwebb Guest

    What surprises me is that the guy said he passed the exams and still
    has no idea what is wrong. I know we cant blame MS for a dodgy VGA
    cable (my theory) but don't most people have some general IT know-how
    before doing the MCDST?

    How I would troubleshoot it

    Is power light still on the monitor when it goes "off" or do you mean
    it goes into "no signal" standby mode (red light on, instead of
    green) ?

    If the former, then it is a power issue, like the tapping foot, or
    maybe the dog has partially chewed through the cable. So check the
    dog, is he still alive or is his fur blackened and charred at all? It
    could be the monitor or the cable, try a different monitor/power cable

    If the latter, it could be whatever others have said, but first I
    would check the video cable, is it too tight? Try a spare cable? Its
    the easiest thing to check. It could be the graphics card. It could be
    the power supply struggling to power the graphics card, does it cut
    out after its been put under intense pressure, like watching dubious
    material or playing 3D games?
    Try a spare graphics card, or try the on-board graphics (if available)

    Lastly, how about joining another newsgroup more relevant to the
    question or taking it to your local computer repair shop? If you want
    to learn about hardware, do the A+ exam /buy the books whatever..
    demonwebb, Apr 3, 2008
  14. Barry Anderson

    john morris Guest

    if he wanted help he would have given us more info by now, I don't think he
    is legit.
    john morris, Apr 3, 2008
  15. Barry Anderson

    PAJ Guest


    "It is a capital mistake to theorise before you have all the evidence –
    it biases the judgment" - Arthur Conan Doyle
    PAJ, Apr 8, 2008
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