"birthers" should read the wiki on ann dunham

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by richard, Aug 3, 2009.

  1. richard

    richard Guest


    The beloved birthers claim that Obama was born in Kenya, not hawaii.

    Ok sports fans, explain this one. Ann Dunham married Barack Obama in
    1961 in HAWAII! Fact. She was 3 months pregnant with Jr. at the time
    of the wedding. Can we say shotgun wedding?

    Ahhh now comes the really really stinky question for all you legal
    eagles out there. Barack Sr. was still legally married in Indonesia to
    wife #1 who knew of soon to be wife #2 and wife #1 approved of the
    marriage because that is what is proper in Indonesia. So if the United
    States does not recognize such a union, at that time, is the marriage
    now null and void by law?

    Barack Sr. is offered a job at two different schools and elects to
    take the one at Harvard. The same school Jr. will soon be employed by.

    Momma divorces Barack Sr. then meets and marries Mr. Soetoro. And it
    is at this time the move is made to Kenya. Which now rightfully exists
    as a sovereign country. So how could Jr. have been born in
    Kenya/indonesia when momma was never even in that country until Jr was
    6 years old?

    While in Kenya, momma decides to send Jr back to Hawaii so he can live
    as an American.

    Question still arise. How did Mrs. Obama-Soetoro and child, exit the
    United States and enter Indonesia legally? It is documented and
    uncontested that Indonesia did not allow American citizens to enter.
    So perhaps then by marriage laws, Mrs. and child become citizens.

    The next question is, has Barack Obama Jr., satisfied the requirements
    of the Constitution and other federal laws to be President? It was
    illegal for an American citizen to travel to Pakistan. It is illegal
    for an American citizen to obtain student foreign aid. Yet BO Jr. did
    both while at Occidental college.

    Has B O jr been legally repatronized as a US citizen? Does he need to
    be? I think not as his first six years were on US soil. Ok so the
    toilet bowl is full and it needs to be flushed.

    Ahh now comes the part of satisfying the requirements for the office
    of President. Born on US soil? Yes as far as we know. 35 years of age?
    Yes. 14 years a citizen of the USA? Let's do the math. 6 years on US
    soil since birth. 5 years as a US Senator. So we need only 3 more to
    qualify. Or would that be 9 if the early age can not be used. Ok so 47
    minus 5 is 42, minus 9 is 33. Hey guess what? He qualifies!

    I think this new evidence supplied by the attorney Ms. Taitz is gonna
    get flushed down the drains with the other garbage toot sweet.
    richard, Aug 3, 2009
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  2. richard

    NotMe Guest

    : The next question is, has Barack Obama Jr., satisfied the requirements
    : of the Constitution and other federal laws to be President? It was
    : illegal for an American citizen to travel to Pakistan. It is illegal
    : for an American citizen to obtain student foreign aid. Yet BO Jr. did
    : both while at Occidental college.

    Opps: Occidental has publicly stated that they did not provide any aid to
    foreign students.

    If it missed your notice it was and is illegal for American to travel to
    Cuba. Care to explain just how well that program worked?
    NotMe, Aug 3, 2009
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  3. richard

    Aardvark Guest

    Then it's entirely plausible that he entered that country using his Kenyan
    passport, to which he's entitled, being considered to hold dual
    citizenship by the Kenyan authorities. Perhaps he used the same passport
    in his application for foreign aid. There you go. Mystery solved.

    I possess two current and perfectly legal passports from two separate and
    sovereign countries. At one time my brother had three. It's no big deal.
    Aardvark, Aug 3, 2009
  4. richard

    Aardvark Guest

    Before Ireland became an independent country it was part of the British
    Empire, Dublin being the second city of that empire. Nevertheless the
    Republic of Ireland (Eire) considers anyone born on the island before or
    after independence to be an Irish citizen and entitled to an Irish
    passport. I should think that since Kenyan independence from the British
    in 1963 they have exactly the same retroactive citizenship.

    Before you ask ill-informed questions on a subject, why not read up on and
    research the subject a little first. This will have one of two results:
    either you won't ask your ill-informed questions, or you won't be asking
    ill-informed questions.

    Why has the phrase 'pearls before swine' suddenly sprung to mind?
    Aardvark, Aug 3, 2009
  5. richard

    chuckcar Guest

    Polygamy is only so when the marriages happen in one country. There was a
    case here recently where some wacko muslim dumped his "former" first wife
    in a canal. Canada didn't recognise the first marriage as he didn't
    register it.
    So what? old boys network. Goes back centuries.
    Say what? since when is Indonesia more restrictive on tourists or
    residents than North Korea?
    Bullshit. All of the last three sentences. What about people who emigrated
    *from* Pakistan for example? They're not allowed to visit relatives?
    Pick up the remove now, change it *off* FOX, put FOX in your blocked
    channels and never remove it.

    This is just the same old boring swiftboat/my god he attracts women I
    can't get/damn liberals beat us again nonsence being repeated for the
    umteenth time. Why the US public can't clue in to this after the first 20
    or so iterations of this bull is beyond me.
    chuckcar, Aug 4, 2009
  6. richard

    Oldus Fartus Guest

    What has that got to do with anything? You do know where Nairobi is
    don't you?
    I love a good conspiracy theory.

    Why is a Kenyan passport relevant? If BO Jr's biography is to be
    believed the sequence of events is pretty straight forward.

    1961 born in Hawaii (parents both students at East-West center of
    University of Hawaii)

    1963 Parents seperate, and later divorce, BO Sr accepted at Harvard and
    later returns to Kenya.

    1967 Mum marries Soetoro, an Indonesian student at the East-West center,
    and the same year family moves to Indonesia. I would presume at Jr's
    age he would travel either on his mother's or step-father's passport.

    1971 Jr returns to Hawaii from Indonesia to live with grandparents,
    with his academic career fairly well documented from then on.

    I notice that it is claimed Jr only saw his father once from the time
    his parents divorced until his father was killed in 82, with that
    meeting being in 1971.
    Oldus Fartus, Aug 4, 2009
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