Bios Rom checksum error

Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by William, May 14, 2008.

  1. William

    Baron Guest

    Hi William,

    You can do what is called a "Repair Install" where all your data remains
    intact, but so do any nasties that you may have. You will still have
    to to the authentication simply because you have changed the mainboard.
    M$ consider that it is a new computer. Just tell them the mainboard
    went faulty and its been replaced. It wont be a problem !

    With a clean install you will still have to authenticate with M$, but
    that is a trivial matter.

    You can always reinstate your password, so I don't see that as a
    problem ! As far as your programs are concerned you have the original
    disks, don't you ! So just re-install them.
    Baron, May 28, 2008
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  2. William

    Paul Guest

    You can do a repair install. That doesn't affect your programs or data files.
    But it does mean putting back any missing Service Packs, security updates,
    patches, and even a later version of Internet Explorer.

    In terms of install order, do the repair install, update with SP2 if SP2
    isn't included in your current Windows installer CD, then use the
    motherboard CD to install hardware drivers. That order is recommended,
    because some hardware installers like to install after SP2. Then you
    can do Windows Update and finish the Security Updates.

    Paul, May 28, 2008
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  3. William

    William Guest

    Thanks Paul.
    I can't get my original CD to boot to do a repair. The drive seems to be
    working. The last time I changed a mother board I went through all the
    procedures trying to boot. I finaly bought a new hard drive formatted it and
    installed windows. After BIOS and at the bottom of the screen that shows the
    checks for all the drives there is " No 80 cable instal". I don't know what
    that means. I have two hard drives installed and a cd/write and a dvd/write
    installed. Before I get another drive should I just use the hard drive with
    the OS and the CD drive or DVD drive?
    William, May 29, 2008
  4. William

    Paul Guest

    Can we back up a little bit ?

    This thread is getting a bit long, and perhaps I missed a message with your
    hardware details for the new setup. It sounds like you're having general
    storage problems now, as perhaps your hard drive and CDROM are suffering from
    the same malaise.

    While I did find the following article, for problems with "System", I suspect
    there is a hardware problem that should be fixed first. At the moment, your
    system is not healthy enough to boot or do repair installs or the like.
    At the moment, you're at the "testing hardware" phase. So, here is a link
    to some things to try, but I suspect something isn't hooked up right, or
    has been hooked to a "secondary" controller. When you give your hardware
    details, it may become a bit clearer.\windows\system32\config\system_missing_or_corrupt.html

    So please give your details -

    1) Motherboard make and model number.
    2) Number of hard drives and CDROM drives.
    3) How they are cabled together. (Hard drive on center connector,
    CDROM on end connector etc.)
    4) Whether the cable has 40 wires or 80 wires. The 80 wire cables have thinner
    wires, and the cable has better signal transmission qualities than the 40 wire
    cable. That is why the 80 wire cable can support Ultra133.
    5) How the drives are jumpered. If IDE, they could be master, master only,
    slave, or cable select. If SATA, there is a jumper to force 150MB/sec
    interface rate. So it would be nice to know how you jumpered things.

    As the above "help2go" article mentions, there are hard drive diagnostics
    available on the various manufacturer web sites. The diagnostic may fit on
    a floppy, or there may be a CDROM version (perhaps an ISO9660), and you
    boot with the diagnostic and let it test the disk. Now, one downside of the
    diagnostic, is it doesn't say what is broken. But at least it would
    be interesting, to see if the drive is accessible or not. But before
    you run the diagnostic, the setup of the hardware should be
    re-examined for errors. No sense abusing the hardware, if something
    isn't connected right.

    I like this tutorial on IDE cabling and jumpers, as it saves me a lot
    of typing. It is pretty thorough, on the subject of IDE and ribbon cables
    for hard drives.

    Paul, May 29, 2008
  5. William

    William Guest

    Sorry Paul
    You didn't miss anything I just hooked everything up like it was on
    my other board using same cables hoping everything was the same and maybe
    that is the problem. Here is the info. I will read the articles and double
    check everything. It might take some time.

    1) Motherboard make and model number.
    PCChips M848A

    2) Number of hard drives and CDROM drives.
    2 hard drives a CD Rom r/w and a DVD Rom r/w

    3) How they are cabled together.
    Both hard drives on same cable, 80 wire. Boot drive on center and slave
    drive on end. CD and DVD on same cable CD on center DVD on end, 40 wire.

    4) Whether the cable has 40 wires or 80 wires.
    Hard drives on 80 wire and CD and DVD on 40 wire cable. Could this be
    a problem?

    5) How the drives are jumpered.
    IDE, I think, Master,Slave This is the way it shows up in BIOS setup
    utility. I let the utility detect the drives and it showed them as user

    I can get to dos with the start up disk I made on my other computer.
    Also I can get to hard drive c (master) and hard drive d (slave) but not cd
    or dvd drives. Should I start a new message topic? If so what?
    William, May 29, 2008
  6. William

    Paul Guest

    You could make the thread "PCChips M848A CD/DVD boot problem".

    The M848A Version 5 board is here. Your motherboard is a replacement for
    a Syntax SV266AD VIA KT266 Athlon board. The M848A uses a SiS746FX Northbridge
    and SiS963L Southbridge, so would need a repair install (which is why
    being able to boot from an optical device would be nice).

    You have two IDE connectors. To do the repair install, all that is
    necessary is the HDD with the boot system on it, and one optical
    drive. You have one 80 wire cable, and you could host those two
    devices with the one cable.

    There is little difference, between a 40 wire and an 80 wire cable,
    from the user perspective. They both hold two drives. But the
    80 wire cable supports the higher UDMA rates, and also has better
    signal integrity. The 40 wire cable works, and the BIOS and OS
    can (partially) detect the presence of the cable, and limit
    the transfer rate to match the signal integrity properties of
    the cable. (The ATAPI standard claims they cannot guarantee that
    the 40 pin cable is detectable, without going into details.)

    You can take from that, that I like 80 wire cables in my computer.
    Even for optical drives.

    Another property of the 80 wire cable, is it may have the mod to
    make it support cable select. That is not really essential, but is
    another distinguishing feature of the 80 wire cable.

    Right off hand, I don't see a reason why your current configuration
    doesn't work. You can try popping an 80 wire cable in there, for
    the optical drives. But I wouldn't have thought that would stop
    the drive from being bootable. Since you'll eventually need to
    get all four devices working, putting just the HDD and the CDROM
    on the cable, so you can finish a repair install, is hardly a
    permanent solution.

    Usually, a BIOS setting of "Auto" for storage devices, does a
    good job. You can check the main BIOS screen, and see if all
    devices you've cabled up, are being detected and named properly,
    without weird characters in the name string.

    Paul, May 29, 2008
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