BIOS question - how to unlock a bios

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Pennywise, Jan 11, 2010.

  1. Pennywise

    Pennywise Guest

    Kind of a shot in the dark, but I've got a Gateway, at least the
    motherboard still is - who's BIOS is very limited in what you can

    I figured if I just updated with the latest intel bios (it's a 915gag
    intel board) I'd actually have some values I could change.

    Then I ran across this description of a free "Intel® Integrator
    Toolkit" program:

    "Reduce support costs by making sensitive BIOS settings
    tamper-resistant (via the lock/hide feature) and by using SMBIOS for
    individual system identification."

    The question: has anybody unlocked a bios before, and if so how?

    Darn, I answered my own question. When I went to post the link to the
    program, the answer was in the link below it :].

    It's an FAQ.
    You need an .ITK file

    "How do I obtain the .ITK file needed to customize the BIOS?

    The .ITK file needed for Intel Integrator Toolkit is included with a
    board's BIOS update package. Depending on the board, it will be
    included with either the iFlash BIOS Update package or the Integrator
    Toolkit BIOS Files package"

    I was reading on how to flash the bios with Intel's "BIOS Update
    Readme.pdf", When I read of the "Intel Integrator Toolkit" - gotta
    start somewhere.

    I'm posting this anyhow, in case someone else can make use of it.
    Pennywise, Jan 11, 2010
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  2. Pennywise

    why? Guest

    You may have to watch it's not a custom Gateway BIOS, even if it's Award
    / Phoenix. You get the wrong one and the PC is dead.

    I would just put a password in for the BIOS setup page and stop access
    that way.
    Which by the looks of it, it's used by OEMs to generate configuration
    INI files to setup batches of systems the same.

    So how many are going to try it now :)

    why?, Jan 11, 2010
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