Bios freezes upon start

Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by captoro, Jan 21, 2013.

  1. captoro

    captoro Guest


    I have a system working for three years now with A P7H55-M
    motherboard... When I boot the white bios screen freezes and nothing
    else works.. cant get into the bios config area..
    motherboard is done ? battery seems to be good..

    captoro, Jan 21, 2013
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  2. captoro

    Paul Guest

    Unplug the computer, then follow the "clear CMOS" procedure
    in the manual ? Sometimes, the problem is with the contents
    of CMOS.

    If that doesn't help, try a beep test. Turn off all power,
    remove all the RAM and place them in their anti-static
    bags. Now, run the computer. It should beep the computer
    speaker. Now, power down (including switch off at the back),
    and reinstall the RAM. Does the machine advance any
    further ? That may attempt to rewrite the DMI area
    in the BIOS.

    You can also disconnect the hard drive(s) SATA cable(s)
    and test with just the optical drive and a Linux LiveCD.
    That is to test whether a defective hard drive is preventing
    the system from booting. Say, a hard drive is able to
    respond and give its identity, yet, when the BIOS tries
    to boot from it, the disk withholds sectors of data.
    That might freeze the system. Try booting from
    a CD instead. Even a Windows installer CD will do,
    as it doesn't matter what the disc does, as long
    as it can demonstrate progress while attempting to
    boot. Even a memtest86+ CD would be sufficient for
    a test.

    You need to do a few more tests, to build up a larger
    set of symptoms.

    It could be, that the BIOS chip itself is corrupted.
    But, that isn't exactly easy to fix. With the serial
    EEPROMS they use now, it's pretty hard for an end
    user to fix things like that. The sites that sell
    BIOS chips, I don't know if they have advanced to the
    point, of supporting eight pin serial EEPROMs. You
    might not find someone who can sell you a pre-programmed
    BIOS chip. At one time, Asus support in one country,
    was providing such a service for sale, but that was
    years ago, and they might no longer be doing that.
    In any case, that is easiest to deal with, if the
    serial EEPROM is in a DIP socket.

    Do a thorough visual inspection of the motherboard,
    and make sure nothing fell off :) There have been
    a few cases, where not all the chips on a motherboard
    got soldered properly. But that doesn't happen too often.
    And inspections along the way, are supposed to catch that.
    A typical motherboard, receives a two minute test by
    a human operator, and that's the opportunity for them
    to check for stuff like that. They plug in a processor
    and do a quick check. If the operator is half asleep,
    they could easily miss visually apparent damage.

    Paul, Jan 21, 2013
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  3. captoro

    lerameur101 Guest

    Like i said I boot with almost nothing connected.
    Turns out one of the SATA connections disconnected from the motherboard. Yes un- glued or whatever solder there might be, guess a short circuit happened. So i had to change MOBO :( 1156 chipset a rare now but got one for 75$

    lerameur101, Jan 22, 2013
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