Discussion in 'Firefox' started by FastFreddie, Oct 3, 2009.

  1. FastFreddie

    FastFreddie Guest

    MicroSoft BING has suddenly started to come up on all my FireFox browser
    pages. How do I get rid of it.

    FastFreddie, Oct 3, 2009
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  2. Do you have a "Search" field at the top (mine is at the right end of my Navigation
    toolbar : Back, Forward, Home, etc)?

    To the left of the field, there should be an icon representing the current "default"
    search engine. Click on it, and you should get a list of possible choices, ending
    with Manage Search Engines.

    There you can pick which one should be on top, and which ones to remove.
    Assuming Bing is there, remove it and e-mail it back to "Uncle Bill".

    If it isn't there, perhaps you've picked up some spyware, or some browser
    hijacker pretending to be a link to Microsoft's Bing, while actually sending
    all your banking info to some random hacker.
    MasterBlaster, Oct 3, 2009
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