Billing system for Mera MVTS softswitch

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by VOIPExperts, Oct 19, 2006.

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    Dear Sirs,

    MVTS Billing is a powerful billing product that embraces tools you may possibly need to rate and bill VoIP-traffic in commerce and corporate scales. Billing system provides you possibilities to bill multiple customers with multiple gateways and users and has flexible administration and user management system interface.

    MVTS Billing is mainly designed to work with Mera MVTS softswitch and allows to control current MVTS status and monitor active calls, it also has integrated Mera MVTS configurator.
    MVTS Billing features flexible tarification settings system, which makes possible to set and change tarification rates, create new tariff plans and change the tarification strategy fast and easy.

    MVTS Billing features integrated statistics system, that allows to:
    Rate calls in different currencies;
    Create summary reports on any defined period;
    Create detailed reports on each call (CDR List);
    Create reports on profits and activities of any customer;
    Make a re-rating of any defined period.

    As a useful tool of manager and accountant it provides the ability to:
    Manage the customers' balance and view the history of balance changes;
    Create invoices in Microsoft Excel, HTML or PDF formats and store their archives;
    Create and send via e-mail current system status reports.

    MVTS Billing has very moderate price for licensed solution.
    Please download detailed manual here to learn more about this great product:

    You are welcome to contact us for more information
    or demo request by email: [email protected]
    VOIPExperts, Oct 19, 2006
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