Big Computer Problems

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Toronto Garage Door Company, Nov 12, 2003.

  1. I live in Toronto Canada, and I have some serious computer problems :(
    First I will explain why I am angry .. then I will explain the problems I am
    having with my computer lol

    I tried installing Macromedia Dreamweaver...Fireworks and Microsoft Office
    2003. Each time I got an error saying that I require a newer version of
    windows. Windows 2000 or later!

    So normally I would NEVER use WinME...but I have some serious problems with
    my computer. I've taken it in to the repair shop a few times...but to no
    avail..they say nothing is wrong with my board...chip...or memory. The
    problems have been active since the day I purchased my computer...and as
    stupid as I am, I did not send it back to them, and I lost out on warranty.
    I'll eat whatever I have to in order to get it working properly however,
    since it was my fault for not returning it!

    What happens is I constantly get page faults when browsing with Internet
    Explorer. Explorer will crash quite frequently, and I have to restart my
    browser all over again. A few times it was some sort of HTML.dll
    error....but not every time.

    This is VERY annoying...but something I learned to live with. I have tried
    installing WinXP on this computer...but for some reason after a month or two
    ... I will end up getting a blue code stop error (C00002x or whatever the
    number is) ...or the computer starts acting VERY losing all
    icons on my desktop, and can't get them back no matter what I do .. and I'm
    back to format and reinstalling an operating system....IF that even works.

    My computer is a 1.9ghz p4...80gig HD .. 256ddr ram .. geforce 4 mx440 ...
    and the thing runs 100000000X worse than my 700mhz hp used to lol

    When I first purchased it, while installing an OS, the computer would go
    blue code stop during install every time. When I took it in to a repair
    shop, they said that when they unplugged my DVD Rom, it seemed to smooth the
    problem out. They said there was some sort of conflict. So I learned to
    live without the DVD Rom.

    Then, I took the computer in to get it repaired again when my motherboard
    shorted out. They replaced the board, and while they were doing that I
    explained to them my problems with programs constantly crashing, and my OS
    issues. They said that it could be either a memory problem, or a cpu
    problem. They ran tests on the memory and cpu....everything checked out. I
    tried using a different video card.....still problems.

    Does anyone have any ideas? I am at a complete loss!!!
    Toronto Garage Door Company, Nov 12, 2003
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  2. Toronto Garage Door Company

    Harrison Guest

    Seriously. I'm not trying to be a smart-ass, but if this computer has
    given you all this trouble for all this time, dump the crappy thing
    and get something better!

    With everything you have described, your problems could be just about
    anything, but through it all, the common denominator is either you or
    the computer, or both.
    Since you're stuck with yourself, and you had less trouble with your
    old computer, the logical thing to do is to try a new pc.

    If you're looking for a bargain, there's a few sellers on ebay who are
    selling NEW Dells and IBMS for much less than Dell and IBM sell them
    direct. My hunch is that they scored a big sell off from the OEM's or
    that they scored a big liquidation from a corporation who had bought
    them, but never installed them.

    Start with and go from there.
    Harrison, Nov 12, 2003
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  3. Toronto Garage Door Company

    Paul - xxx Guest

    Toronto Garage Door Company tried to scribble ...
    Personally I'd fdisk and format the hard drive, then install XP totally
    naked, on it's own and run with it for a while, noting the complete error
    messages you get and post them back for further advice and help, or research
    the exact error at Microsoft.;EN-US;kbhowto&sd=GN&ln=EN-US&FR=0

    Then install Office, run for a while, again noting and posting error
    messages, verbatim _NOT_ your interpretation of them, and maybe further help
    may be forthcoming. Further research may also provide some self-help and
    also give you a better understanding of the computer you have, and computers
    in general .. ;)
    Paul - xxx, Nov 12, 2003
  4. Toronto Garage Door Company

    MadMike42 Guest

    I had similar problem with a custom PC I built
    it worked okay for about a month than started acting up.
    XP would install one day, then not the next, work on one graphics card
    then install the correct drivers, and it work crash, reboot and it would
    work, reboot then crash. It even worked for a day ... then crashed.

    We replaced the memory, CPU, Hard drive and eventually replaced the memory
    with an odd stick we had laying on a shelf.
    BINGO - the system worked , although we had a DDR400
    mother board (Asus) and DDR400 RAM, which was checked by
    our supplier to be compatible, but once we installed DDR333 ram
    it worked like a dream.

    Worth a try.


    MadMike42, Nov 12, 2003
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