Bhtee trolling with last 10m FTTP

Discussion in 'Broadband' started by 7, Jan 30, 2015.

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    7 Guest

    Bhtee trolling with last 10m FTTP

    Bhtee now saying they are going to roll out (testing) of 1Gbit
    ethernet but no doubt the Bhtee management trolls figured out
    yet another way to avoid FTTP by doing the last
    10m or so with copper.

    Why do we need Bhtee management trolls to
    dream up yet more schemes to screw customers?

    It costs practically nothing to put a fiber cherry
    connector under the street with more termination
    points than a Krone strip using far less space.
    All that the installation engineers will have to do
    is pull a fiber like the way they pull a wire
    and terminate (10 minutes with practice and training)
    and then connect to the cherry, seal the box and thats

    It doesn't have to be anything or anything less
    of a system than an indentical replacement for existing
    copper style installations.
    Even ideas such as fiber trays are extravgant deviations
    from the norm for wiring installations.
    So why have it?
    Plenty of installations I know of that don't have it
    and no one is screaming.

    You have to be a Bhtee management trolling village idiot
    to come up with these time and money wasting systems
    when you could put one engineer in charge
    and let them copy the install procedures
    as they would do any other install and specify
    hermaphrodite connectors that can easily be panalised
    or connected to each other and bob's your uncle,
    very low cost FTTP.
    7, Jan 30, 2015
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  2. 7

    Woody Guest

    You have overlooked one thing throughout. 999 is sacrosanct and fibre
    will not work when the power fails - but line powered phones will. The
    fact that you use a DECT phone which has also died has nothing to do
    with it - plug in a POT and it will work.
    Woody, Jan 30, 2015
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  3. 7

    Davey Guest

    Which is why we keep an old rotary dial 'phone handy.
    Davey, Jan 31, 2015
  4. 7

    Woody Guest

    Agreed, but surely the object of FTTP is to do away with the need for

    We have friends in Germany - and I would add in a village a few miles
    outside a medium city - who have had FTTP for getting on for most of
    this century and no copper. The fibre brings B/B, phone, and scores of
    TV channels for little more than most of us pay for the B/B element
    alone in the UK BUT they don't have the complication of the legal
    requirement to be able to make a call if the mains fails. Having said
    that I think their domestic interface is battery backed but that may
    be their own choosing, I'm unsure.
    Woody, Jan 31, 2015
  5. 7

    Davey Guest

    So we are not comparing apples with apples, then.

    Although I will be briefly staying in Germany at the end of March, the
    place I will be at does not even have a TV set, so I won't be able to do
    much investigating on this issue.
    Davey, Jan 31, 2015
  6. 7

    7 Guest

    And Tripple DOH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    A little knowledge and BHteee management trolls *fscking* know it all

    First of all what has phone anything to do with fiber data?

    They are ordered separately.

    Secondly, all telephone equipment is powered on the streets.
    There is nothing to stop those powered phones being installed
    if you wanted it.

    Thirdly the emergency services trolling was aimed at VoIP
    companies who provide telephony services.
    These trolls are out dated.

    In any case, these days who uses a phone any way?
    Its all done with mobile phones.

    I've not had a Bhtee phone for best part of a decade.
    Never had trouble calling emergency services.
    7, Jan 31, 2015
  7. 7

    grinch Guest

    Complete rubbish you have to be insured and are supposed to have had
    training to City and Guilds standards and be insured for public
    liability up to 10 million I seem to recall.

    There are HV electricity cables and gas mains in the street/footpath
    both of which have the potential to kill/maim.

    An install I was working on recently had a dig of 10M and an install of
    blown fibre, the civil's came to £10000 alone. IT was FTTP but not
    broadband ,fastethernet circuit which will cost them £500 a month.

    Training is a four day course and then you need the tools ,there is a
    second hand fusion splicer on ebay for £2800 which is a very good price.
    Then you need things like a fibre cleaver £2800 striping tools light
    source level meter etc

    Fine for single fibre cables which you are used to try a 96 fibre pair
    cable and no fibre tray, its horses for courses.

    The guts of the larger Huawei dslams cost £65000 a BT contact told me
    and that excludes cabinet and civils ,according to the Huawei website
    they can handle up 2688 subs.
    You regularly prove that to be true with your grossly
    uninformed/inaccurate rantings
    Wrong all BT " analogue " lines are DC powered (-48V ) from the local
    exchange. They have to provide a 999 service which works during a power
    cut. I have installed them ,they cost a fortune and very heavy due to
    the fact they are usually around 1200Ah @ 2V.
    How do you get A/Vdsl then ?

    Why not do us all a favour stop posting on Telecoms issues because your
    clearly don't know what you are talking about.

    I don't claim to be the world expert but I do work in the industry and
    know how much some things cost. It is an awful lot more than most soho
    users think.

    A cisco 1000 series PE router which terminates your dsl can cost £250000
    fully carded up,buy a few and you will get discount.
    grinch, Feb 1, 2015
  8. 7

    Kraftee Guest

    Also brown water and rain water sewers, water supply etc.

    This is just another attempted troll by 7 so he must have been excluded from
    his place of education.
    Kraftee, Feb 1, 2015
  9. 7

    7 Guest

    grinch wrote:

    Ah great! Throw in more dopey pricing and push up those costs now!! ;)

    Well I been to China, and I don't have any difficulties getting
    $10 fiber optic anything.

    7, Feb 1, 2015
  10. 7

    grinch Guest

    Get some prices then and prove me wrong Cisco 10ks are very popular for
    V/Adsl termination otherwise shut up.

    I did not want an "anything " just a PE router capable of terminating
    say 5000 simultaneous dsl customers. Dual processor card and dual ac or
    dc power supplies.

    The one I was talking of was cisco 10013 router.
    grinch, Feb 1, 2015
  11. 7

    7 Guest

    I'm sure some telcos buy these things.
    But real telcos won't spend money.
    They build/contract their own at a fraction of the price.
    That normally happens when engineers become the managers.
    In companies where accountants become the managers,
    the only thing certain is that anything is possible for a price.
    7, Feb 1, 2015
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