Best thing since sliced bread. - The Continuous Ink System- this will change your life!!

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by rudijock, Aug 16, 2007.

  1. rudijock

    rudijock Guest

    *** please note- I am NOT selling anything ***

    If you are not a professional that can afford to buy all original ink
    cartridges, than read this post carefully.

    I use a continuous ink system on one of my printers, and refillable
    cartridges for the others.

    The continuous ink system is a series of bottles that sit just
    outside the printer, and feed "phony" cartridges with silicone tubing.

    The bottles hold 5-10 cartridges worth of ink, and the whole system
    in most cases cost less than 1 set of ink cartridges.

    Please read my blurb along with photos on my site:

    I personally have saved over $4000CAD so far.

    Anticipating questions- here are some answers to FAQ:

    Buy a new printer that supports a popular CIS- do not look too hard
    for a CIS for your existing printer.

    Buy from a reputable company- Inks made in Japan are superior to
    those made elsewhere.

    Most companies only sell dye based ink- you will have to look harder
    for pigment based

    Yes, it voids the warranty- but so does buying another set of ink
    cartridges from the manufacturer- in most cases, the ink is as much or
    more money than the printer- so toss the printer away and get a new
    one with new cartridges, or do the planet and your wallet a favour and
    at least get your ink cartridges refilled. Don't stand outside the
    fire. (Garth Brooks)

    I have been using the same one for over 1½ years, and have pushed the
    printer itself to well beyond "personal use". - No printer trouble, no
    CIS trouble.

    Yes, it can be messy if you are not careful. Use thin gloves if you
    dont want ink on your hands when refilling the bottles.

    Yes, there are companies that sell ink as good as or better than the
    original. Yes, it is possible the colour may be off a tad, so more
    professional users may wish a profile.

    Yes, you can e-mail me with questions.

    Again- no, I do not sell them, and can only recommend the one I am
    currently using, as I have not tried others.

    I am living worry free from having to spend good money on cartridges.
    I print a lot for charity and my sons Scout group, friends and family.
    I encourage my wife and son to print what ever they want, when ever.

    How about you?

    I have not even gone into the environmental impact throwing spent
    cartridges away has on the planet- Google it and you will be
    astounded, shocked and perhaps (hopefully) disturbed.

    .... Rudi in Toronto
    rudijock, Aug 16, 2007
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