best software to keep track of what my kid does on the net?

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Steve Knight, May 29, 2004.

  1. Steve Knight

    Toolman Tim Guest

    VERY well said, Bob! Thank you. There must be appropriate levels of trust -
    as one earns it. And that won't be the same for two different children -
    same family, different family, doesn't matter: not all children mature at
    the same levels, nor can all be trusted at the same levels.

    My parents actually put a key-switch on the electronic organ at our house
    when I was young, because I couldn't be trusted to do my homework or chores
    if I could bang out a tune <g>! So that became a privilege that I earned as
    I showed more responsibility. That may be a bit "overkill" for this
    situation, and *way* too obvious (even for a not-too-computer-literate
    Toolman Tim, May 29, 2004
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  2. I think it is GREAT that you want to keep an eye on things that your
    daughter is up to online. I have a daughter also, and as a single parent, I
    can't be here all the time. It's not that I dont' trust HER, but there are
    internet predators all over the place. If you don't believe me, do a search
    for pedophile type websites, and underage porn. The popularity of said
    materials is unbelievable, so there are lots and lots of pedophiles online.
    It doesn't mean that everyone who is 'enjoying' underage porn is a predator,
    but if only one is, and comes in contact with your child, you have a
    problem. The internet is very scary indeed when you have a young child,
    especially a daughter, and even moreso for those girls who have exhibited
    untrustworthy type behavior in the past, or seem naive.

    To hopefully answer your question, take a drive to a CompUSA. There are
    alot of software programs out there, I'd recommend one called NetNanny.

    One other thing that I'd make sure of also, is a SPAM program. McAfee makes
    one. It'll keep most inappropriate emails out of her inbox.

    The other suggestions are great ideas, but her time on the internet while
    unsupervised is inevitable. Err on the side of safety. With given a choice
    between "spying on my kid" and doing all I can to keep her safe, I'll choose
    to keep her safe. Err on the side of safety.

    Too many kids have been lured into inappropriate relationships while online,
    or even worse. I'm sure the parents of THOSE children wish they posted to a
    newsgroup to ask what they could have done to keep their child safer.

    Oh, and watch her useage of Kazaa. I don't know if you've ever used it and
    done a search for a seemingly innocent music video, but it can and often
    does bring up inappropriate (meaning xxx) videos on the list. There are
    parental controls built into Kazaa, so go to the options or preferences
    section of Kazaa and set that up. Me personally, I refuse to let her use
    Kazaa, I'll spend a few dollars a month and pay for her to download music,
    cleanly and legally.

    If she is using AIM to chat with friends, set AIM up to keep logs. You can
    read the entire chat log word by word. I personally wouldn't resort to that
    unless there seemed to be something she was doing or involved with that
    seems wrong to you as a parent. Go with your instincts, no one on this
    board knows your daughter better than you do, so can't judge you as being a
    bad parent for wanting to keep her safe.

    In addition to the AIM logs, she is able to set up an AIM profile. Check it
    and make sure she has NO personal information, especially that gives her
    whereabouts. My young neice told me to check her profile, and when I did, I
    was blown away. Her parents dont' even know how to turn a computer on, so
    they had no clue. Her nickname (innocently at 14 years old) started and
    ended with Xx. She thought it meant like 'hugs and kisses'. Her profile
    said something about being naughty. Again, it was an innocent inside joke
    towards another girlfriend. Well, I pointed out to her how it looked to the
    outside world, especially for someone looking for a young girl who might be
    a little bit risque side. So that is another thing to look for.

    These things, in addition to the suggestions made already, should tighten
    the reins a little bit, and make her safer, and you more in control.

    Good luck.

    NoNewz_Iz_GoodNewz, May 30, 2004
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  3. Steve Knight

    zxcvbob Guest

    Just tread lightly, OK?

    best regards,
    zxcvbob, May 30, 2004
  4. Yeh remove her computer from the bedroom and put it somewhere more
    'public' like the living room...where you can keep an eye on her.
    michael turner, May 30, 2004
  5. What about a key logger...
    Kaptain Krunch, May 30, 2004
  6. Yup A keyboard logger would be your best bet... any thing typed would be
    recorded also the newer linksys router can be setup to block any internet
    access between a specified time you choose, assuming that you have an
    Ethernet connection. My BEFSX41 has those options, and if you are using XP
    or 2000 you can block websites
    Kaptain Krunch, May 30, 2004
  7. Steve Knight

    Steve Knight Guest

    well after trying some software and seeing some of what she typed in AIM I check
    her computer. we had just gotten her a digital camera monday. she has been
    wanting to take pics. well it looks like she skipped part of wednesday and
    thursday from school and had her boyfriend and another guy at the house. she
    made a lot of movies or I should say the other guy did. her boyfriend loves
    pulling her shirt up and grabbing boob.
    well looks like she gets to spend all the free time with me at work.
    Steve Knight, May 30, 2004
  8. Steve Knight

    Steve Knight Guest

    it is right across from mine. but she hates only getting to use it a hour a day
    and she does not use it for a long time at once. so if I give her the freedom to
    use it when she wants then I have to worry.
    Steve Knight, May 30, 2004
  9. Steve Knight

    Andrew White Guest

    That, in my opinion, crosses the line WAY WAY too far. With a key
    logger you will be able to see all the user names and passwords and
    read all the messages that the computer user types. That's a sick
    thing to do to one's kid!
    Andrew White, May 31, 2004
  10. Steve Knight

    Larry Bud Guest

    it. but I can't watch her all the time either.

    Of course you can. You password protect your computer so that only
    you can log on, and when she wants to use it, and you have the time,
    you sit down with her when she uses it.
    Larry Bud, Jun 3, 2004
  11. Steve Knight

    Larry Bud Guest

    One can get a PC case to physically lock the thing closed. If it were
    my son and he did this, the ISP would be shut down after he thwarted
    my attempts to control his use.
    Larry Bud, Jun 3, 2004
  12. Steve Knight

    Kyle Guest

    If you could somehow harness this child's determination into something
    productive....... if you keep blocking his use of the computer he will
    start making viruses (think about that)

    If I were you I would install a chaching proxy server or watchguard fire
    wall to block explicit site AND logs attempts. here's the rub, he will try
    to break into that so be prepared, and if he does you have one hell of a
    good kid on your hands, however misguided he has become.............
    harness that energy, harness

    : > : > >
    : > >>It sounds like a bad relationship. But, Explorer keeps a history log
    : > >>you
    : > >>want to go that deep.
    : > >
    : > > And any teenager knows how to clear it. They are a lot smarter than
    : > > the average adult, when it comes to computer use...
    : >
    : > That's for sure, I setup a bios password so my 13 yo son figured out how
    : > short the battery and cleared the cmos.
    : One can get a PC case to physically lock the thing closed. If it were
    : my son and he did this, the ISP would be shut down after he thwarted
    : my attempts to control his use.
    Kyle, Jun 3, 2004
  13. Steve Knight

    Larry Bud Guest

    If you could somehow harness this child's determination into something
    Not with "his" computer that I donate to charity, that's for sure.
    Larry Bud, Jun 4, 2004
  14. Steve Knight

    Proprclr Guest

    Personaly, I would tell my kids about the risks and dangers present
    online, including the fact that there are predators looking for
    victims. Hiding information from kids does not do them any good,
    and there is no bliss in ignorance.
    That's a good idea, but personaly I would still have some sort of
    log, just incase my kid sneaks behind my back and soes something he/she
    isn't supposed to do. even after all of the discussions. Of course, none
    of this is 100% guarantee of safety, seeing how computers with internet
    connections are very prevalent everywhere, including libraries.
    Proprclr, Jun 9, 2004
  15. Steve Knight

    RON Guest

    Get a new daughter or keep her offline!
    RON, Jun 10, 2004
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