best provider for usa domestic calls

Discussion in 'UK VOIP' started by Paul Atkin, Jan 28, 2009.

  1. Paul Atkin

    Paul Atkin Guest


    I run trixbox and have trunks with sipdisount, voiparound, smslisto (all
    those betamax if i get it right), also go trunk on but not
    sure if their rates are the best.

    Betamax services usually were aceptable but recently (I am in Boston, MA) I
    started to get something like dial-up noise on recepient side so here comes
    a question - is there anything else in the world like betamax service with
    some free weekly minutes or is the one and only current sip termination
    model de-facto like with

    If there is no real alternative to Betamax services - what is the best and
    cheapest sip termination provider for USA domestic calls?
    I receive all inbounds via gizmoproject and quality is fine (I also have
    outbound with gizmoproject as a backup to Betamax) so I need a solution for
    outbound only.
    Paul Atkin, Jan 28, 2009
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  2. Maybe I'm missing something, but if you're in MA, why not use a local
    provider rather than a European one?

    Gordon Henderson, Jan 28, 2009
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  3. Paul Atkin

    Paul Atkin Guest

    as i know there are no local companies here with betamax charging model.
    that is why i was asking here hoping someone may know better.
    Paul Atkin, Jan 28, 2009
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