Best Inkjet Printer for Direct CD and DVD Labeling?

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by cmashieldscapting, May 27, 2006.

  1. What is considered the best inkjet printer for disks designed for
    direct labeling by printing on the disk's surface? Thanks for any help
    or advice.

    cmashieldscapting, May 27, 2006
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  2. cmashieldscapting

    Mark² Guest

    My opinion:
    Rimage 480i

    For cheap...Epson 300, or similar comes with a CD tray and works fairly
    The color vibrance of the Rimage leaves it in the dust, though.

    I have the 480i printer, but its built in to the Rimage 2000i, which is an
    automated CD/DVD duplication/labeling system.

    Mark², May 27, 2006
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  3. cmashieldscapting

    John H. Guest

    I have the epson r200 that does a great job of printing on cds/dvds
    John H.
    John H., May 27, 2006
  4. cmashieldscapting

    zakezuke Guest

    What is considered the best inkjet printer for disks designed for
    If you are talking consumer inkjets, you have a choice between Epson or
    Canon. If your in the states you'd have to e-bay a tray and press

    Technicaly I prefered the Epson in terms of color rendering and ability
    to look pretty good on most media including verbatium silver discs. I
    switched to canon as I found it to be more reliable. I have yet to
    really try out my ip5200 but I would suspect the same is true.
    Costo's TDKs seem to be the best media for canon though not full faced.
    I believe RiData are the makers of the silvers which worked best in
    the Canon but i'm not sure on that note.
    zakezuke, May 28, 2006
  5. It's for my own in-home use, to make copies for myself, family, and
    friends, not professional copies on a large scale. Thanks.

    cmashieldscapting, May 28, 2006
  6. cmashieldscapting, May 28, 2006
  7. cmashieldscapting

    zakezuke Guest

    The feature is not enabled on North American models, nor does it
    function out of the box, but if you e-bay a tray (just search for canon
    cd tray) and enabled the feature (press buttons) it will do it. Oh,
    and pull a piece of plastic off the front.

    It'll cost you an extra $20 or $30 or so above and beyond the cost of
    the printer. This makes even an ip4200 more spendy than a base model
    r200.. but certainly a more reliable product and definatly the better
    general purpose printer.
    zakezuke, May 28, 2006
  8. cmashieldscapting

    Oldus Fartus Guest

    Yes, as I mentioned in another post, I believe the Canon range of CD/DVD
    printers are not available in the US.

    Fortunately here in Australia we have various Canon models which can do
    this .. see
    for just one example.
    Oldus Fartus, May 28, 2006
  9. cmashieldscapting

    Don Stauffer Guest

    Can't say which is BEST, I only have one. However, we bought the Epson
    R200 for that purpose. It is a great printer. We have now set it as our
    default color printer. The printing on disks is amazing.

    We started out providing DVDs to a group, with one dozen disks with the
    paste-on labels. Ten of twelve have now been returned as unplayable.
    We have had none of the inkjet printable ones returned. It IS a bit
    harder finding blank DVDs with the printable coating, so we buy in large

    Registration is great, printing is great. We love it.
    Don Stauffer, May 28, 2006
  10. cmashieldscapting

    Jan Alter Guest

    For the past year I've been using an Epson R1800 to make at least a 100
    printed DVDs and it's worked very nicely. The R1800 is the wide version of
    the R800 (which will also print CDs). The comparitive difference in price of
    the R200 to the R800 is substantial.
    Jan Alter, May 28, 2006
  11. cmashieldscapting

    measekite Guest

    need to buy an epson so you do not have a mickey mouse printer.
    measekite, May 28, 2006
  12. cmashieldscapting

    zakezuke Guest

    If your in the states, the epson store offers referb r800s for $199
    with free shipping, and it looks like the referb r200 is back in stock
    for $59. The referb r200 is less than the ink.
    zakezuke, May 28, 2006
  13. cmashieldscapting

    zakezuke Guest

    I'd lean tward Canon. They won't waste as much ink, the build quality
    is good, and it's the better general purpose printer. The major
    advantage to the canon line is they have more options for printers
    which will print on CDs, though not out of the box in north america the
    feature is easily enabled. Expect to spend about $100-$120 currently
    though it's still onsale for about $80ish shipped from or . The ip5200 is the next step up and floats at about
    $150ish, seems to have the best price. It's basicly an
    ip4200 but with a larger head and more weight. The ip5200 also comes
    in a wireless model (ip5200R). A pure photo printer is next up, the
    ip6600D feauring card slots and a screen, 6 tanks but you lose the
    large pigmented black. Not so good for text, and cost per print will
    increase because any printer which offers light cyan/magenta uses the
    ink like candy.

    Also in the Canon line are their all in one units MP500 MP800
    MP830(fax/sheet feeder) MP950. ranging in price from about $220 to
    $450 or so. The mp950 is based on the ip7500, a model not sold outside
    of japan. It features the 6 tanks of the ip6600 plus the pigmented
    black of the ip4200/5200. The older mp780(fax/sheet feeder) is still
    sold for $300ish and can stll use aftermarket ink with ease.

    All of these require purchace of a tray off e-bay, yanking of a front
    panel, and some well documented button presses.


    Epson, in all fairness, only offers cd printing on their photo
    printers, and one multi fuctional (rx700) the last time I checked. If
    you consider an epson, consider an external waste ink tank. It needs
    The models which print on CDs are limited to the R2x0, R3x0, R800,
    R1800, R2400.
    In all firness the r2x0 tends to be sub $100, or $59 for the referb
    edition ($10ish less than the ink costs and free shipping) and is a top
    notch photo printer, The r3x0 offers card slots and a screen. The
    r800 is their base pigment ink printer, the prints will last an age
    over dye models, and is $199 for a referb at the epson store.
    zakezuke, May 28, 2006
  14. Thanks for clearing that up about the Canons. I wonder why that is
    that they are not sold in the U. S. all ready to print CDs. That would
    make me lean towards an Epson as it (the RX700) is (sold already
    enabled to print CDs plus do a lot of other things I need as well as
    some I don't), but if the Canon wastes less ink and the ink is more
    economical I would lean towards a Canon.

    Why would I have to buy a CD tray for a Canon off eBay? Doesn't or any of these computer parts stores sell them?

    cmashieldscapting, May 28, 2006
  15. cmashieldscapting, May 28, 2006
  16. cmashieldscapting

    zakezuke Guest

    Canon would have to pay money for this feature to be used in America,
    Canon for what ever reason doesn't want to pay it, so the feature is
    not enabled. There were a varity of mainstream parts dealers who
    carried this part but, according to 2nd hand info, were asked by canon
    not to. In fact you could order this part from Canon for a short time
    december 2005, but they stopped selling it.

    You gotta go e-bay because to get this part, some joe has to buy it
    overseas, or you buy from some joe overseas. It's like a $5.00 to
    $7.00 part sold for $20 to $30. While Canon can ask Partsnow or Amazon
    to not sell this item, they can't ask regular joe to not sell it.

    You can go with the rx700 if you like. It supports this feature out of
    the box and there is a new Epson tray which from my understanding
    actually works longer without failing. There is a $100 rebate on it so
    you could get one for the $300 range. There is an obvious benifit to
    the rx700 over the r2x0/r3x0 series in the fact it uses smaller drops.
    IIRC this printer supports scan to memory card, a handy feature. It
    will waste ink, and unless there is a means to reroute the waste ink
    tube you will have to get it serviced to replace the waste pads.

    If price is no object, the mp950 does photos *well* and offers lower
    cost text printing. The rx700 in all fairness is purely a photo
    printer. The price mark is about the same.

    I would reccomend you take your digital camera down to your friendly
    neighborhood shop and print off a couple of test images using either
    your favorite paper, or the OEM reccomended paper and judge for your
    self. If all in ones are your back, do checkout the rx700, the mp800
    or the wireless edition mp800R, and the mp950. They will usually agree
    so long as you leave your prints there.
    zakezuke, May 28, 2006
  17. Since it looks like you need only light duty, the Epson R220 (or its
    ilk) may be a good bet. I got one when it was on sale and used it to
    print a few dozen DVDs and CDs with very good results. I also got
    gorgeous photographs on Kodak Ultima paper. There are some downsides.
    One is that the longevity of the printer is questionable--but when you
    consider that on sale the printer costs about the same as a full set of
    ink cartridges, and it comes with a full set that changes the outlook.
    Another downside is that it will only print CDs/DVDs from its own
    software which has some nice features but is a little clunky. It also
    requires installing a memory hogging application on your computer, but
    at least that is much less invasive and bloated than, say, the crapware
    that HP printers require you to install. Finally, the ink is not
    waterproof and runs easily. On the plus side, the printer is cheap, the
    ink is only moderately overpriced, the printing is gorgeous for the
    price, it comes ready to print CDs out of the box (and even with a
    practice disk!) and it is very easy to use. As for waterproofness, I
    experimented with fixing spray (the kind you buy in art supplies store
    to fix pastels) and I got excellent results, by being extra careful to
    spray evenly and lightly.
    unrecoveredchocoholic, May 28, 2006
  18. cmashieldscapting

    zakezuke Guest

    A cd tray for the rx500 is out of the question.
    On this page, your options are limited to
    ip4200, ip5200, ip6600D (tray type C, though B is known to work, but do
    get C), mp500 , mp800/mp800R, mp950.(tray type D)

    The sub $70 models don't support this feature, and are not ecconomical
    at all, as is the case with their MP models mp450 and lower.
    zakezuke, May 28, 2006
  19. cmashieldscapting

    J. Clarke Guest

    In what way is Canon "the better general purpose printer"?
    Are you sure the 2400 prints CDs? I can't find anything about it on the
    Epson site.
    J. Clarke, May 28, 2006
  20. cmashieldscapting

    J. Clarke Guest

    There is a legal issue. I don't recall the details offhand but Epson has
    relevant intellectual property rights in the US that would require that
    Canon pay them a license fee that Canon chooses not to pay.
    They're gray market, either purchased outside the US or removed from dead
    printers, they aren't something that Canon puts in a box to be sold in the
    US, lest they incur the wrath Epson's lawyers.

    MITI really should beat some heads together over that one.
    J. Clarke, May 28, 2006
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