Best FREE Anti Virus protection

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by huck, Sep 3, 2009.

  1. huck

    huck Guest

    What is the best FREE Virus protection/ thanks for aney help/
    huck, Sep 3, 2009
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  2. The best help I can offer is for you to either:
    a) read previous posts as this question is asked several times a week
    b) install an operating system not prone to virus attacks
    Beauregard T. Shagnasty, Sep 3, 2009
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  3. huck

    1PW Guest

    1PW, Sep 3, 2009
  4. huck

    bb Guest

    Personally, I use Avast! home edition, which is free.
    bb, Sep 3, 2009
  5. huck

    Pennywise Guest

    Install your protection of choice, some program will catch malware as
    being downloaded (NOD32).

    Goto click on collection at the top.
    These are collections of malware in zip form, download them to a
    directory set up for this. Download maybe 8 different files from
    different categories.

    )Mark if it's caught being downloaded or not.

    Have another directory also set up for this test, double click on the
    file to unzip the malware to be extracted to your second directory.
    (It's how I do it I don't like/trust right clicking and extracting to:
    with malware).
    You malware protection should catch it when opened or unzipped.

    )Mark if it opens or not.

    If you get it unzipped, copy it to the directory you created (could
    even be the directory it's in), and see if it's caught, if so mark
    that - but you shouldn't be able to get that far with a good malware

    )Mark if it will copy (that's a failure).

    Make your own decision on what works best for you. Everybody has
    their favorite anti virus program and will suggest it - this method
    will show you.

    I use NOD32 and run about an 80% success rate. Most I couldn't
    download, Others were caught opening the zip file, two I was able to
    unzip to another directory. (which then deleted of course)

    If all the virus def's were included the def file would be huge, the
    two that made it (were unzipped) were old malware. Heuristic I figure
    caught the one's I was able to unzip but were caught being copied.

    So if you really want to know, run your own test.

    I still run NOD32 but as always practice safe hex, not trusting NOD32

    Also note that you don't test keygen's, they will always come back

    Send those to and if the report shows a
    lot of different trojans and/or virus's it's likely to be good.

    (yes it's a long post, but I saved it as a macro, to start pasting to
    the very common question: what is the Best FREE Anti Virus
    Pennywise, Sep 3, 2009
  6. huck

    XS11E Guest

    It's not. A look at the comparisons of free AVs will show they all
    perform well, one will look "best" one month and another the next month
    depending on multiple factors. (you'll need a .pdf reader to see
    the test results.)

    Note the above link does not compare free AVs, note also that free AVs
    use the same engine as the paid version but w/o additional features so
    the protection will be equal.
    XS11E, Sep 3, 2009
  7. huck

    1PW Guest

    Hello Steve:

    The RAP evaluation test, from the first URL, is rather graphic I thought.

    In those instances where I watched, or had small peripheral
    involvement, it was comforting to see that the Avira folks had a short
    pipeline when it came to accepting our malware samples for inclusion
    in their databases. That reaction seems to work 24/7 as opposed to
    some antimalware providers who seem to take the weekend off or only
    present updates irregularly or even many days apart.

    Yes - other good AV protection exists and in our experience, in the
    antimalware newsgroups, they often parallel what is represented in the
    first URL I sited.

    I'm toying with a theory that /some/ AV products are as good as their
    apparent inversely proportional advertising budgets.

    1PW, Sep 3, 2009
  8. huck

    1PW Guest

    I too hold Eset's NOD32 in high regard although personally I'm long
    term testing Avira's AntiVir Personal and SAV. But alas, NOD32 isn't
    1PW, Sep 3, 2009
  9. huck

    Fuzzy Logic Guest

    What's the best car?

    Seriously what's 'best' for you may be useless to me and vice versa.

    The 3 that seem to mentioned the most are Avira, Avast and AVG.

    I tried them all and my preference is AVG.
    Fuzzy Logic, Sep 3, 2009
  10. huck

    Pennywise Guest

    Pennywise, Sep 3, 2009
  11. huck

    XS11E Guest

    They do consistently well....

    If you really study the charts, you'll see there's no really bad AV
    among the more popular free ones, the best is only the best until the
    round of tests.

    Personally, I use AVG, why? Because I like the UI better than others
    and as for performance, since Windows 98 days it's never missed one and
    never given me a false positive. I suspect most of the others would
    have performed as well?
    XS11E, Sep 3, 2009
  12. huck

    harry Guest

    Since when is a "sales' site's opinion worth much at all?

    Try here:
    harry, Sep 9, 2009
  13. huck

    XS11E Guest

    Why do you think it's a sales site?
    Results are about the same for either site so your point was????
    XS11E, Sep 9, 2009
  14. huck

    1PW Guest

    Try taking a look at the RAP test chart here:


    With respect to this RAP test, unfortunately freeware is mixed in with
    payware. But it's easy to separate, even visually.

    Proactively, AVG seems almost 15 - 20% under Avira. Although
    Reactively they are about the same.

    Since the subject of the UI is so subjective, I like Avira and yet
    there too Avira's UI seems OK to me.

    1PW, Sep 9, 2009
  15. huck

    XS11E Guest

    They're the same in almost every instance. The AV makers use exactly
    the same engine for their freeware as the pay stuff, the difference is
    in the extra features.
    XS11E, Sep 9, 2009
  16. huck

    Fuzzy Logic Guest

    The RAP test is for malware. The poster is asking about anti-virus.
    Fuzzy Logic, Sep 9, 2009
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