Best Buy Sales Guy's digital camera thoughts...

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Greg, Sep 24, 2003.

  1. Greg

    bj286 Guest

    It is still linear, just 2 linear measurements on the 2 dimensions.
    BTW, X and Y are not 2 planes.
    bj286, Oct 14, 2003
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  2. Greg

    PiZzazA Guest

    X and Y makes up a two dimensional plan.
    PiZzazA, Oct 14, 2003
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  3. Greg

    andrew Guest

    1) There is NO WAY I should use AA batteries in any digital camera.

    that is very true. as others have said, use NiMh rechargables! or, if you
    buy a great camera like the nikon 3100, you can also use lithium CR-V3
    batteries.. they are expensive but ideal for vacations and times when you
    don't wanna bother with recharging. the kodak dock battery SUCKS... so many
    people complain about it. stay away from kodak unless you pick a lithium
    model, but the only one out now is outside of the $300 range.
    not true. you can get 10. heh. definitely useless. you need 128 at
    least! expect about 75 pics on a 128mb card. 256 is not too expensive,
    though. $20 more than a 128.. double the pics for $20 more.. sounds good.
    agreed. big waste of time! video only works "well" in very bright
    the A70 is dogshit. alright, so it's ok, but the Nikon 3100 would be a
    better choice with same resolution, zoom, and price. easier to use and
    smaller, too. if you want zoom, go for an Olympus C-740.. it has a 10x zoom
    and would be more suitable to an amateur photographer like yourself.

    OR, spend $400 on the Nikon 4300, which can also upgrade lenses like the
    A70.. but is 4mp. so do the math.. $300 for the camera plus $40 for
    batteries and charger... or go ahead and spend $400 on the Nikon 4300 and
    get a higher resolution and the included rechargable lith-ion.
    think about the fact that you cannot use a digital camera without these
    extras. much like you cannot use a 35mm camera without a battery and film.
    no offense, but does that seem so wrong?
    Nikon 3100, rechargable NiMh cells, and at least a 64mb CF card. If you're
    gonna get it retail (cuz you can definitely find them cheaper on the web!)
    then you might as well opt for the service plan, too. these things break
    all the time. most retailers will send the broken one back and upgrade you
    to a current model.

    let me know if you find any of this stuff useful!
    andrew, Oct 15, 2003
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