Best 3 mp for everyday use?

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Nottoman, Nov 9, 2003.

  1. Nottoman

    Nottoman Guest

    Need to make a quick purchase and have done a little homework so I'm
    counting on the opinions of users here..
    Mostly for shots of people indoors and outdoors (family, friends, smile for
    the camera stuff)
    Not too big, but definitely not a super tiny that will fit in an Altoids
    Easy to zoom in and out.
    Will be uploading pictures to Snapfish or some other online photo service.
    (which one is best?)
    Easy to connect to PC. Easy to use storage media.
    Nottoman, Nov 9, 2003
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  2. Nottoman

    agent yellow Guest

    i enjoy my canon a70 a lot
    agent yellow, Nov 9, 2003
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  3. Nottoman

    Nottoman Guest

    Is there any shutter delay? I used a digital camera a friend had and there
    was this terrible delay from when I shot the pic and it took the image.
    Nottoman, Nov 9, 2003
  4. Nottoman

    John Horner Guest

    Every low cost digital I have tried has a fairly long lag time between
    pressing the shutter button and getting the picture. Not a big problem for
    "smile for the camera", but a huge problem for trying to catch Katie on the
    swingset or Bethany swinging a bat.

    If this matter to you, make sure to try before you buy.

    This is one reason I still shoot an old fashioned manual focus film camera
    for family fun stuff. Catching exactly the moment you want is important.

    John Horner, Nov 9, 2003
  5. Nottoman

    DHB Guest

    1st I am a bit biased toward Canon's digital camera line
    because I have had vary good results with them, having said that here's my

    Look into the Canon Powershot A70 (3.2MP) 3X optical zoom which I
    believe is worth consideration because it's a good "point-n-shoot" camera
    but it also has lots of user selectable options & full manual "if" that ever
    becomes something of interest. The a A70 runs a very long time on 4 "AA"
    NiMH rechargeable batteries & takes CF memory cards.

    Your best bet is always to check the on-line review sights such as:

    Both of these sites have lots of other brands & models reviewed also which
    you should consider because there are other fine cameras that might fit your
    needs better. However since you asked opinions I have given you mine as to
    what I own, enjoy & consider the most camera for the money in the 3MP mid
    size range at this time. The user options in combination with a good price
    make it a camera a person can grow into if they wish to venture into the
    user options it provides including full manual exposures up to 15 seconds

    Just my lengthy 2 cents worth, hope it helps.

    Respectfully, DHB
    DHB, Nov 9, 2003
  6. Nottoman

    NJH Guest

    My vote is for the Minolta DiMAGE Xt for your purposes. I have one and I
    love it. It's 3.2 Mp and makes nice sharp prints up to letter size. It's
    small and flat, and light enough to carry in a shirt pocket or any place you
    could possibly carry a camera, so it can always be with you. A small belt
    case is available for it too. The "folded" 3x zoom lens (37-111mm
    equivalent) never sticks out of the camera, is as easy to use as any other
    motorized zoom lens (none of them are as easy or precise as a manual zoom,
    but no small digital camera has one of those anyway).

    I use mine primarily for photos of family and friends, indoors and out.
    Indoors you should be fairly close because the flash range is somewhat
    limited, but that seems to be true of most compact digicams anyway. It
    handles mixed light (part window light and part flash) very well
    automatically in my experience.

    A *very* handy feature is its ability to copy photos it's taken to a
    separate e-mail folder on the same memory card, in 640 x 480 or some smaller
    size (I haven't used the smaller size) in "economy" quality, which typically
    gives file sizes of only 65 to 75 KB, small enough to upload and download
    quickly even over a 56K dial-up. They look great on a computer monitor and I
    send photos to relatives and friends this way.

    Connection to PC is by USB as with practically all other digicams nowadays.
    Very easy, and the supplied DiMAGE Viewer Utility is handy, efficient and
    sufficient for most ordinary users' needs. Storage media is the SD card
    which is as easy to use as anything else (stick it in its slot and that's

    NJH, Nov 9, 2003
  7. Nottoman

    agent yellow Guest

    i don't know. Probably but since i've got shacky arms and kids that run
    around at work i just put it on burst shot and take multiple shots of
    agent yellow, Nov 9, 2003
  8. Nottoman

    Nottoman Guest

    What power of zoom do I need for what I mentioned I'm going to use it for? I
    know optical vs digital.
    Nottoman, Nov 9, 2003
  9. RE/
    I traded picture quality for size and bought a Minolta Dimate X. (3.2 MP)
    Not *quite* small enough to fit in the Altoids can, but close.

    Advantages I see over my Nikon CP:

    1) Fits in a pocket, business bag, or other small area, so I always have it

    2) Boots up fast enough so that once I learned how to hit the "on" button as I
    grabbed it in my pocket, it was ready to shoot by the time I got it up to my

    3) The lens is protected by a shutter that automatically opens/closes as the
    camera is turned on/off.

    3) The batter seems to hold a charge for a long time - when it just sits,
    I only recharge every month or so.

    4) 4x zoom is better than 3x.

    5) Immediately readable by Windows 2000 - just plug in the USB connector and
    it's *there*. (dunno if that was the case with the Nikon - I always used a CF

    Somebody who has hands a lot smaller than mine didn't buy one because they
    thought they'd have trouble holding it without blocking the lens. Haven't had
    any problems myself (and I wear size XXXXXL gloves...when I can find them...)

    Disadvantages compared to the CP:

    1) Doesn't do real macro - as in down to an inch.

    2) Longer shutter lag - although the Nikon is no champ in that respect.

    3) The CP's pivoting body is handy for waist-level and lower shots.

    4) The CP's pivoting body makes panning from a tripod easy.
    (Pete Cresswell), Nov 9, 2003
  10. RE/
    IMHO, as much as you can get....I don't think anybody offers anything yet that's
    impractical because of hand-shake issues. People who I know that're into
    birdwatching seem to draw the line at 8x. I've got a set of 14x IS binox for
    the water, but they're hopeless with the stabilization turned off.
    (Pete Cresswell), Nov 9, 2003
  11. Nottoman

    CARBUFF Guest

    Is there any shutter delay? I used a digital camera a friend had and there
    I have the A60 which is the same camera, just 2mp resolution. If youre using
    the flash with the extra focus thingee turned on you wait eons for the shutter
    to go off. But outdoor or no flash with the super focus thing turned off will
    be fine. I had an A10 and thought the delay was annoying. Then I got the A60
    and it was worse, if thats possible. Other than that its a great camera. I
    especially like the cheesy shutter sound effect thet it makes when you snap a
    pic. ;-)

    CARBUFF, Nov 9, 2003
  12. My vote goes to the Canon S230.
    gilbert grape, Nov 9, 2003
  13. Nottoman

    agent yellow Guest

    i turned that shit off, all of the sounds for that matter
    agent yellow, Nov 9, 2003
  14. Nottoman

    NJH Guest

    For your stated purposes, 3x or 4x optical is plenty. Anything much longer
    than that is likely to give you unsharpness due to camera shake. This is
    especially true if you use the LCD monitor for composing the shot (as many
    people do since it's much more accurate than the optical viewfinder),
    because then you're holding the camera in front of you where it's less
    steady than if braced against your face. Typically a 4x zoom at the long end
    is equivalent to about a 140mm telephoto on a 35mm camera, and many people
    cannot hand-hold a 35 with a longer lens than that and still get sharp
    pictures *even when* it's braced against their face.

    NJH, Nov 10, 2003
  15. Nottoman

    CARBUFF Guest

    especially like the cheesy shutter sound effect thet it makes when you
    Heh, so did I. I was just bein silly. :p

    CARBUFF, Nov 10, 2003
  16. Nottoman

    James Guest

    I'm like DHP and am a bit biased when it comes to powershot camera's
    and i own the a40 which is a great little camera for everyday use and
    it allows you to record movie clips up to 30secs long, the most fun i
    had was one night when me and my mates were all drinking and one of us
    grabbed the camera and started recording, am still being slagged to
    this day!!!! all in all its a great camera and is reasonably priced at
    just £199
    James, Nov 10, 2003
  17. Nottoman

    NJH Guest

    I'll admit to the same sort of bias for Minolta DiMAGE cameras. My first
    three digital cameras were respectively an Agfa, a Fuji and an Olympus. My
    fourth was (and is) a Minolta, and every digicam I've bought since has been
    a Minolta. I now cannot imagine myself buying anything but Minolta.

    I'll really have to do that one of these days. All my Minolta digital
    cameras have the movie feature too, and I've just never gotten around to
    trying it out.

    Prices seem to be getting better all the time. The DiMAGE Xt that I
    recommended is now $243 from and that includes free shipping. I paid
    nearly $100 more than that for mine (also from just this past

    NJH, Nov 10, 2003
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