Bellows on 10D using Contax lenses!

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Jytzel, Jul 10, 2004.

  1. Jytzel

    Jytzel Guest

    I'll be getting a Contax-on-EOS adapter; I want to couple that with
    shift/tilt options for macro work (using Contax acro Planar 60mm). My
    question is how to achieve that? Does Contax offer any shift
    tilt/bellows, or should I order the one from Zoerk?

    Any ideas?

    Jytzel, Jul 10, 2004
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  2. Jytzel

    Rico Tudor Guest


    I use the S-Planar 60/2.8 on a D30 with a simple adapter. This is the
    same optical design as your lens. Yes, there is a Contax brand bellows
    with shift, and also tilt. Ignoring the camera, I see two problems:
    lens clearance, and image circle.

    By lens clearance, I mean the distance between the lens flange and the
    camera-side bellows flange. This distance must encompass the bellows
    itself and the mounting apparatus on both its ends. Now, the SP60 has
    no floating elements, which is good for bellows use. Less ideal is the
    physical extension of its single optical cell of 62mm from infinity focus
    to the 1:1 position. Even if the bellows assembly can fit within 62mm,
    there will be very little room for fun, especially tilt. Plus, you will
    be constricted to the near-macro end of the range.

    Except for the PC-Distagon, I expect the image circle for most C/Y
    lenses, including the SP60, to be extremely tight. This is for reasons
    of economy, and lens weight. There will, therefore, be little enjoyment
    of shift movement. As mentioned early, tilt is also a problem for
    clearance reasons.

    Based only on eBay pictures of the Contax bellows, that's my gloomy
    assessment. Frankly, the Zörk route seems more plausible. Besides the
    cool hardware, you will get a proper lens for the purpose - one with a
    full range of focus distance, and a generous image circle.

    Rico Tudor, Jul 11, 2004
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