Belkin router problems

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by AnthonyC.Adams, May 23, 2007.

  1. My problem, from what i've seen, is a unique one. I'm attempting to
    create a wireless network at home with two desktops. Desktop 1, which
    is the one that has the satellite modem and a Belkin Wireless G router
    attached, is an HP Pavilion a1700n Desktop that has a Athlon 64 3800+
    X2 processor, 1gb of ram, and Windows Vista. Desktop 2 is a home-built
    system with a Sempron 2800+ processor, 512mb of ram, and Windows XP
    SP2, and a Belkin Wireless G USB adapter.

    The problem is that when Desktop 1 is connected to certain webpages
    while connected to the router, the the connection to these pages slows
    to a crawl and can sit for 10 minutes or more without completely
    loading. If I unhook the modem from the router and plug it directly
    back into the computer everything is fine.

    Belkin tech support has been absolutely no help. Their solution was
    to take the router back to the store because they claim it is
    defective. I did that with no problems, and on Belkins advice, got
    another route of the same type. Well router #2 has the same problem.
    Don't want to send the router back to belkin for replacement because
    i'm afraid i'll get another non-working router. Any help would be

    The router part number is F5D7230-4, version 7000.
    The isp is WildBlue Satellite Internet.
    The modem is a WildBlue branded DOCSIS-compliant modem.
    AnthonyC.Adams, May 23, 2007
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  2. AnthonyC.Adams

    why? Guest

    Then you haven't looked enough :)
    So are you trying to share the connection from Desktop 1 because that's
    the PC with the modem?

    Can't you do this,

    sat modem - router - then the PCs (wired or wireless)?

    If so, check if it's not a wireless issue by using wired connections
    from each desktop, 1 at a time then both together.

    If as it appears
    sat modem -> Desktop 1
    wireless router -> Desktop 1
    Desktop 2 wireless -> Desktop 1

    What happens with Desktop 2 viewing same pages?
    Save the router config and reset to factory defaults. Double check each
    change you make.
    Dud cable(s). Assuming it's fine with same cables and no router.
    Mixed up patch and crossover cables, modem auto corrects for wrong type.
    Speed and duplex settings.
    USB or Ethernet connection? Ethernet is always better and easier to
    connect and share.

    why?, May 23, 2007
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  3. AnthonyC.Adams

    Mellowed Guest

    Check out alt.internet.wireless
    Mellowed, May 23, 2007
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