Beginner can't connect Laptop to wireless network

Discussion in 'Wireless Networking' started by Russell DeMarco, Mar 8, 2005.

  1. I have a Linksys wireless router setup in my home by someone a year ago.
    The current laptop works great. I just bought a new IBM and it finds the
    network, goes thru some stuff but doesn't seem to connect. Is that because
    of WEP? What do I need to do to the new IBM to get a connection? What info
    will I need?

    Russell DeMarco, Mar 8, 2005
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  2. Russell DeMarco

    DJ Borell Guest

    You will need to enter the WEP key during the configuration of the wireless
    client to successfully connect. If you do not have it written down or
    recorded elsewhere, you can get it by connecting to the configuration page
    for you wireless router (connect by inputing the IP address of your router
    in the URL of your browser.) The easiest way to do this is by connecting
    the laptop to be configured to the router via a cable, go to the wireless
    admin page and then copy/paste the key during the wireless NIC

    More info on wireless configuration can be found here:
    DJ Borell, Mar 8, 2005
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  3. Thanks. I also had to add the MAC address of this laptop.
    Russell DeMarco, Mar 17, 2005
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