Beakman DVD good news, bad news

Discussion in 'DVD Video' started by Richard G Amirault, Sep 11, 2004.

  1. Good THE BEST OF BEAKMAN'S WORLD is out on DVD.

    Bad It's only one disk, and it's only one hour.

    Good It's cheap. Amazon has it for $9.95 but I just bought it at Best Buy for

    Bad It seems that nobody knows where to file it. Is is a TV show? Is it
    children's programming? You won't believe where my local BEST BUY put it
    ... in the BARGAN section. Right next to all the cheap B and C movies ..
    all crammed in 4 shelves with only the spine of the DVD case showing.
    Nobody is going to know this DVD is out. It will "fail" and there will no
    reason to issue complete seasons since no one is "interested".

    Good When I took it to the register at Best Buy to pay for it, the young lady
    smiled and said she enjoyed watching the show. She showed it to the
    cachier at the next register, and said she would buy a copy for herself.

    Richard in Boston, MA, USA
    Richard G Amirault, Sep 11, 2004
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