BBC to introduce VoIP to the masses

Discussion in 'UK VOIP' started by Peter Pratten, May 14, 2005.

  1. BBC2 have a programme next Thursday telling everyone about free calls
    via VoIP (7pm).
    Peter Pratten, May 14, 2005
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  2. Peter Pratten

    Nick Guest

    Where'd you get that info ?

    MAGAZINE PROGRAMME: The Culture Show
    Channel: BBC 2 North East
    Date: Thursday 19th May 2005
    Time: 19:00 to 20:00
    Duration: 1 hour.
    Verity Sharp presents the best arts and culture stories of the week from
    Bristol, where they think they've got a solution to the perennial rows
    about controversial Public Art. Plus, a unique masterclass in
    movie-making from the hottest cinematographer in the world, Chris Doyle,
    and a behind-the-scenes look at actress Kathy Burke in her new role as
    acclaimed theatre director.
    (Widescreen, Subtitles)

    Excerpt taken from DigiGuide - the world's best TV guide available from
    Copyright ?1999-2004 GipsyMedia Ltd.
    Nick in Northallerton
    Also nickw7coc on
    Yahoo Messenger
    & on MSN Messenger
    Nick, May 14, 2005
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  3. BBC2 have a programme next Thursday telling everyone about free calls
    I think that you may be refering to the Money Programme on Friday at 7pm on

    The Free Phone Call Revolution
    Fri 20 May, 7:00 pm - 7:30 pm 30mins

    Millions of people are discovering how to make free calls using their
    computers. New businesses offering free call services are signing up
    hundreds of thousands of users a day, and that's bad news for the giant
    telecoms companies who face a revenue crisis.

    The Money Programme investigates the new so-called Voice Over Internet
    Protocol - or VOIP - revolution, and asks how the traditional phone
    businesses will survive? BT is responding with a £10b investment programme,
    and a range of new broadband services, but can it turn itself round fast
    enough to cash in on the VOIP revolution, instead of being swept away by it?
    Neil Stratford, May 14, 2005
  4. Apologies for giving the wrong day.
    Peter Pratten, May 15, 2005

  5. Of course BT will still remain in business. I don't see Skype laying
    cables to my house any time soon.
    Peter Corlett, May 16, 2005
  6. or people wanting to have to have a PC to make phone calls.

    Phil Thompson, May 16, 2005
  7. Peter Pratten

    Ivor Jones Guest

    You don't need a PC, you only need a broadband connection, which is fast
    becoming the norm these days. Granted you need a cable of some sort unless
    you have enough cash to go the satellite route, but it's possible if in a
    cable area to have just the broadband and not the phone. Although as VoIP
    in the UK doesn't (yet) support 999 service it's not advisable for the

    Ivor Jones, May 16, 2005
  8. Peter Pratten

    David Floyd Guest

    Why should they want a PC to make phone calls ;-)

    David Floyd, May 16, 2005
  9. for Skype you do, which was the context of my reply. I hope the BBC
    cover SIP services an not just Hype.

    Phil Thompson, May 16, 2005
  10. Peter Pratten

    Martin² Guest

    Peter Corlett:
    Some day, and fairly soon, WIFI Max BB will be available in all built up
    areas and you will have combined mobile / WIFI VoIP phone....
    and you will not want to pay rental for that old rope, err, I mean wire !

    I gave up both my BT lines two years ago.
    Martin², May 17, 2005
  11. Peter Pratten

    Lee Guest

    What happens when the power goes off?

    Sorry, just catching up on the whole VOIP thing.....

    Lee, May 17, 2005
  12. Peter Pratten

    Ivor Jones Guest

    What, you don't have an uninterruptible power supply..?!

    Ivor Jones, May 17, 2005
  13. Peter Pratten

    Lee Guest

    Actually, now you mention it, I *do* have a UPS in a box under my desk. I
    must find out how it works......

    Lee, May 17, 2005
  14. Peter Pratten

    Ivor Jones Guest

    Actually, I was half joking, but I do plug my modem, router and ATA into
    one so they don't die if the power fails.

    Ivor Jones, May 17, 2005
  15. Not everybody lives in the centre of London you know :p

    I live in Studley, Warwickshire. Studley is the largest village in
    England, and I can still walk round it in about half an hour. Here's a
    photo of some of the locals who live just up the road:

    Anybody expecting to make a profit selling wifi round here would feel
    a bit sheepish, even if the service was a baa-gain.
    My other option is Telewest. BT would have to turn really, *really*
    awful for me to consider switching to that useless shower. Never mind
    that Telewest don't even offer certain important services that I get
    from my BT line.
    Peter Corlett, May 17, 2005
  16. Peter Pratten

    Martin² Guest

    Draytek (and maybe other) VoIP routers default to the POTS line in case of
    power failure.
    Martin², May 18, 2005
  17. I wouldn't think Telewest would make a profit in that field either ;)
    Peter Pratten, May 18, 2005
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