Battery question before I tear a new one into a camera company.

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by pauly, May 11, 2006.

  1. pauly

    pauly Guest

    Hey got a quick question on batteries. I was 'offered' a deal on what
    even as he spoke I assumed to be a bait a switch tactic from a internet
    company called 'prestige camera'.

    Needed to phone in to confirm mailing address. Once on I got nailed
    with buy this, buy that, do you want extended warrenty etc. I of course
    said no to all, then he stated, we have a 2800mah replacement battery
    that will last 4x longer then the 720mah standard kodak klic-7001.
    Without any additional information in front of me nor a part number for
    the battery, went sure.. cost $50.

    Package arrives today, camera is as stated a kodak v570 complete
    package. BUUUUTT.. battery is a db-7001 rated for 800mah not 2800mah. A
    battery which in about 30 seconds online now that I have a part number
    is worth $20.

    Is there any reason to feel at all that the replacement battery would
    last longer then the 720 other then the slightly higher mah rating?

    Either way he nailed me with a $30 bonus charge.

    Shoulda known better as I got a 2gig sd stick at $110 from bestbuy
    already knowing their site charges well over $300 for the 1gig.

    And invoice shows $354.99 for camera, no price for battery.

    I will state that the camera was at the lowest price out there, $302.
    But I how no doubt I just got nailed for the bait and switch scam.

    Back to the topic at hand, is there any reason to beleive that battery
    will last any longe rthen the standard kodak?

    I consider myself pretty tech savy at least on the computer side. I
    must have blinked. At least I only blinked for $30 and the final tally
    is only about the bestbuy price after mail in rebate. Yes Im ranting
    too haha.
    pauly, May 11, 2006
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    says it all.
    Ed Ruf (REPLY to E-MAIL IN SIG!), May 11, 2006
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  3. pauly

    ASAAR Guest

    As you already noted, 720 mAh is less than 800 mAh, so the
    replacement battery should last longer. But there's no guarantee
    that it will. If you really want to compare battery capacities, use
    both similarly (don't use flash with one battery but not with the
    other) until they can no longer keep the camera powered on. Measure
    the time the batteries take to reach full charge, and the one that
    takes longer should have the *real* higher capacity. The batteries
    should weigh approximately the same amount. If the genuine Kodak
    battery is noticeably heavier and you want to get another battery,
    you'll probably want to look elsewhere for replacements.

    If the camera arrived with all of the normally included bits, and
    is in good condition, then despite the annoyance, you actually came
    out ahead, since you could have paid about the same amount from
    BestBuy, but you'd have to wait for the rebate to arrive (and
    sometimes they don't) and you would have had to pay taxes on the
    rebate amount, and whether the spare battery turns out to be a good
    one or only fair, it was essentially free, based on BestBuy's price.
    This wasn't the kind of deal that warrants a rant, even thought it
    was heading in that direction. :)
    ASAAR, May 11, 2006
  4. pauly

    pauly Guest

    OMG I consider myself computer savy, have bought $1000's over the years
    online but ive never been scammed until now.

    There are thousands and thousands of bad reviews for this and their
    clone companies.

    I consider myself lucky if all I lost was the $30. From what Ive read
    many have items 'stolen in shipment', empty boxes arrive or credit card
    charges far beyond the invoiced purchase. Checked mine and no on that

    What I cant tell and trying to research is if I received a 'refurbished
    item' ie no warranty if it is was to stop working. (appears to be
    working on my first initial tests though).

    I mean the real warranty is only 90 days anyways and my old dc290 is
    still running fine 5 years later.

    I kid you not 'prestige camera' as stated by many online goes out of
    their way to scam. To the point where they must expend more money and
    time scamming then if they ran a legitimate buisness. A company
    incapable of telling the truth even if the truth is actually in there
    own interest and profit.
    pauly, May 12, 2006
  5. pauly

    Ron Hunter Guest

    Chalk it up to 'a learning experience'. Next time, go ahead and buy
    from a local dealer. At least if you feel cheated there, you have
    someone to look in the eye. Now what do you need with a 2Gb card for a
    camera like that???
    Ron Hunter, May 12, 2006
  6. pauly

    Ron Hunter Guest

    You might want to pay more attention to the company rating in the future
    than the price...
    Ron Hunter, May 12, 2006
  7. pauly

    pauly Guest

    I dont remember there being a company rating on the site that listed it
    at $302. That or I was blind.

    2gigs, why thats barely enough. You can only take a total of 57 mins of
    video on the 2gig card, which apparently is about as long as a fully
    charged klic-7001 battery will last.

    But I will be buying a external charger and another battery or 2 (at
    $20 haha).

    I got faint dreams of creating a inexpensive tourist info video in
    south east asia. When I do that I will buy a hdtv camcorder. But on my
    first trip ill just use the video on the v570 which will give me a feel
    for recording. That and a lot of practice and maybe a class or 2 on the
    hdtv camcorder before flying over.

    A manila-subic-cebu-baguio dvd for $20, probably with a proper voice
    over with a canadian that still maintains a philippino accent.
    pauly, May 12, 2006
  8. pauly

    Ron Hunter Guest

    You would do much better to buy a good video camera instead of using a
    screwdriver to drive nails.
    BTW, 2GB SD cards go fro about $60 around here.....
    Ron Hunter, May 13, 2006
  9. pauly

    J. Clarke Guest

    For future reference, if it's not B&H or someone that you've done business
    with before, check resellerratings. If there are really bad ratings, walk
    away. If there are _no_ ratings, walk away.
    J. Clarke, May 17, 2006
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