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Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Fritz Miller, Aug 12, 2003.

  1. Fritz Miller

    Fritz Miller Guest


    I just finally broke loose from AOL in the last month, so now I'm
    discovering how to work different things. Here are a few basic questions I
    hope someone can help me with...

    1) When I download (or open) a news message, is the message stored on my
    computer? If so, where?
    2) I'm using Outlook Express as my news reader. There are some messages that
    I open and it's just gibberish. Do I need to trigger a function in Outlook
    Express, or should I download and use a different newsreader? (Suggestions
    for freeware?)
    3) Is there a difference between "Mark All Read" and "Catch-up?" They both
    seem to do the same thing.
    4) Will the old message headers (those I've marked read) eventually go away?
    Is there a way to shorten the amount of time that the headers sit there?
    5) What else should I be asking?

    Thanks for your help.
    Fritz Miller, Aug 12, 2003
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  2. Fritz Miller

    Boomer Guest

    Fritz Miller said:
    Look up combine & decode in your Help file or
    there's an addon for OE's reader. I'm sure someone will point you in
    that direction. (I don't/won't use IE/OE.)
    Compliant readers "Good Net-Keeping Seal of Approval ":

    Free Agent

    Xnews (My favorite)



    Boomer, Aug 13, 2003
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  3. Fritz Miller

    °Mike° Guest

    They are held in *.dbx data files in:
    c:\windows\application data\identities\{GUID}\microsoft\outlook express\
    Courtesy of gangle:

    To assemble a multi-part post using Outlook Express,
    click part 1, then, while holding down the Ctrl key,
    click each of the remaining parts. When you have
    highlighted the last part, Right click and choose
    "Combine and Decode." Make sure all parts are in
    order in the window that pops up, then click "OK."
    When all parts have downloaded and been decoded,
    a window will appear with the File Icon in the
    bottom left corner (OE4) or in the "Attach"
    line (OE5 & 6). Right click on the icon, choose
    "save as" and, within the browser window that
    appears, choose "Desktop" as the place to initially
    save it. If you want to keep it, you can later CUT and
    PASTE it from Desktop to any folder you want.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: In OE4 it is possible to download
    a multi-part binary while simultaneously reading or
    posting to other NGs, or reading/sending email -- But:
    in the "upgraded" OE5 & 6, downloading a multi-part file
    makes the program UNUSABLE for most other functions
    while the process goes on; so, if you frequently want to
    download multi-part binary files, it's more practical
    to use a dedicated news reading and posting program,
    such as Agent ("Full" Agent @ $29 -- NOT Free Agent):
    or Xnews (free):
    or Gravity (free):
    for downloading binaries.
    Also, for $35, there is Newsbin, which is strictly
    for downloading binaries: .
    You could still use OE5 or 6 as an email program
    and to view/post to text-only NGs, while using one of
    the above programs to retrieve binaries.

    Note: OE does not internally decode yEnc messages.
    You must use a third-party program to acheive this,
    the easiest being yProxy:

    Again, I suggest that, for binaries, it would be more
    practical to just switch to one of the dedicated newsreaders
    mentioned above, which all handle yEnc internally.
    'Mark all read' only marks the headers/messages that you have already
    downloaded as read. 'Catch-up' marks the group as though you had
    downloaded and read *every* available message.
    Tools / Options / Maintenance ... clean up now ... Delete / Compact.
    NB: Make sure that you do not have 'Compace in the background' selected.
    This can cause corruption of the *.dbx files.
    How to make decent beer/roast parsnips?
    You're squaimed.
    °Mike°, Aug 13, 2003
  4. Fritz Miller

    Mr. Smiley Guest

    Mr. Smiley, Aug 13, 2003
  5. Fritz Miller

    nemo Guest

    Forgive me for inserting . . .

    And to remove them you right click on the newsgroup name in the Folders
    Column and hit Properties > Local File > Remove Messages > Yes - then wait
    ages for it to do it - then hit Compact.

    You can do the lot at once from the main menu bar. Tools > Options >
    Maintenance > Clean Up Now - then its the same dialogue box but it cleans
    out all your newsgroup local folders. It's a good idea to do this regularly
    otherwise your OE Message Store can become huge!

    (They're actually files but for some odd reason OE likes to call them
    Not if you use the "Mark for download" facility. Look it up in Help. It's
    extreemely useful. It'll download the files you've marked in the background
    while you browse other groups or look at your emails. The only thing you
    can't do is send. Sent messages wait in your Outbox until the automatic
    download is finished.

    PS: It'll only work if your server supports multiple data streams.
    Can also mask the HD starting up as a result of virus activity.
    And where can you get a good book on OE.

    Answer: The basement of Waterstone's in Gower Street London.
    nemo, Aug 16, 2003
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