Basic Cisco Switch Tutorial

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by Gary, Oct 4, 2005.

  1. Gary

    Gary Guest

    The following should be sufficient to enable you to set up a Cisco
    Switch. If you need anymore information please come along to and I'll try to assist some

    Braindump of Useful Cisco Switch Commands (suitable for a 2950)

    Showing the Running configuration of the Switch. Example commands:
    show run ' to see the conplete switch running
    show run int f0/1 ' to see running confige on
    FastEthernet, slot 0, port 1
    show run int vlan x ' where x = the management vlan for the
    show int status ' show basic interface configuation

    Saving the Switch Running Configuation. Example command:
    copy run start

    Dealing with Switch Logging. Example commands:
    service timestamps debug datetime localtime
    service timestamps log datertime localtime
    logging buffered

    clear log ' clear logs if they have been on for a
    long period of time
    show log ' see see the switch logs

    Setting the switch clock:
    show clock ' to see the clock settings
    clock set hh:mm:ss d m y ' clock set 14:10:55 9 sept 2005

    Finding out the general topology of the connecting network. Example
    show cdp ne ' for an overview
    show cdp ne de ' to be more specific. This gives the
    neighbour IP address

    Managing the ARP:
    show arp ' to see the ARP table
    clear arp ' to clear the ARP table

    Troubleshooting connectivity issues:
    ping x.x.x.x ' ping a known address 5 times. There should
    be a quick response.
    ping ' extended ping, followed by return to do an
    extended ping test. Can state no. of pings
    trace x.x.x.x ' to do a trace route to an IP address

    Looking at the Switch counters:
    clear counters ' to clear all switch counters
    show int counters ' to see all interface counters
    show int counters error ' to see errors on all the interfaces
    show int fa0/22 ' to see errors on a particular

    So how fast are Ports running:
    show proc cpu
    sh cont util

    Making changes:
    config t ' to go into configuration mode
    int range f0/1 - 10 ' to set changes to be make to a range
    of ports
    speed 100 ' to set the speed of the port to 100Mb
    duplex full ' to set the line duplex to full, half
    or auto

    Setting up the Banner:
    config t
    banner motd ^C
    <paste in the text>

    Working with VLAN's:
    show vlan
    show vtp status
    vlan database
    vtp transparent|server|client ' Choose wisely here!! Swithces come
    out of the box in Server mode!!!
    Gary, Oct 4, 2005
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