BAM for Linux, Solaris and Tru/64

Discussion in 'Computer Security' started by bella, Jan 2, 2005.

  1. bella

    bella Guest

    BAM - Bell's Account Manager

    Guarantee the passwords for new accounts are reset within
    a configurable standard "grace period", or the new account
    is automagically locked.

    BAM is FREE SOFTWARE - no payment is requested or expected.

    GPL'ed "C" source is included in the tarball. The code is
    currently set up to compile under Linux, Solaris and Tru/64.

    If you port the code to any other *NIX operating systems,
    I'd sincerely appreciate you EMAIL'ing a copy of the ported
    code to .

    BAM solves a long standing UNIX/Linux security related issue.

    BAM can be found at - enjoy!

    NOTE: This is NOT spam. I'm NOT asking for anything from
    you - period. There is NO advertising on
    (this is by intention) and I won't make any $$'s if you come
    by for a visit.

    Please DON'T send me any money - I have enough problems.
    If you simply feel you must, make a contribution to your own
    favorite charity.

    If you are deeply enough into UNIX security to understand
    why this software is so cool, and can grok the essence of
    the 35 year old UNIX problem it solves, and you want this free
    software, then come get it.

    If you don't understand and don't want it...

    that's just fine with me too.

    Regards and Happy New Year 2005,


    No way as way, no limitation as limitation. - Bruce Lee
    bella, Jan 2, 2005
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  2. bella

    EDOOD Guest

    Do you give the source code as well? I am not sure I would trust a binary
    distribution to someone that posts FREE software on a public usenet group.
    While I may be believe that this is legit, why would someone give something
    away for free?? It kind of goes against nature, if you know what I
    mean..."Here, download this security software, and you will never have
    another problem in your life". I am still holding on to my Ginsu Knives
    with the "Lifetime" Warranty. I am going to hold on to them until I am
    about 90, and then abuse the hell out of them, and then go get my "Laser
    Ginsu" knife in the year 2048. Hope the company is still there then!!!

    Good Luck.
    EDOOD, Jan 7, 2005
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