Backup Outlook XP personal folders

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Alan Franzi, Nov 30, 2003.

  1. Alan Franzi

    Alan Franzi Guest

    I am running outlook XP on windows XP.
    I am confused about the most efficient/simple way to backup the personal
    folders on another disk and then how they can be restored if need be. Is
    there a folder or way that to backup all the content or do I need to archive
    or export each folder?
    Thanks for any help you can give.

    Alan Franzi, Nov 30, 2003
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  2. Alan Franzi

    rifleman Guest

    Outlook only has ONE file - it has the extension pst. make a copy of that.

    If you are using Outlook EXPRESS ( and the two are COMPLETELY different
    programs) try here:
    rifleman, Nov 30, 2003
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  3. Alan Franzi

    Liz Guest

    PST file is the file Outlook uses to store it's items in for all
    accounts other than an Exchange account. Close Outlook before
    copying a PST file. You can back-up to CD-ROM, an Outlook
    PST file can become very large.

    Outlook Backup/Restore Tutorial.

    By the way, download and install the PST back-up add-in from
    Microsoft, it's an automated backup application for Outlook
    2000/2002/2003 users. The Personal Folders Backup creates
    backup copies of your .PST files at regular intervals, making it
    easy to keep all of your Outlook folders safely backed up.

    Outlook 2003 Add-in: Personal Folders Backup
    Liz, Nov 30, 2003
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