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    DVD Catalogue
    Last Updated 30/01/04

    All DVDs at only US$8 ! Latest Hollywood titles! Guaranteed quality!

    Latest titles (Clear quality):
    LOTR 3- Return of the King - Starring: Viggo Mortesson, Elija Wood,
    Liv Tyler
    The Last Samurai - Starring: Tom Cruise
    Matrix Reloaded - Starring: Keanu Reaves
    The Last Samurai- Starring: Tom Cruise

    and plenty more......reply to inquire

    Recent Movies (DVD Quality)
    SWAT Starring: Colin Farrel, Samuel El Jackson
    Kill Bill (Vol 1) Starring: Uma Thurman
    The Hulk Starring: Eric Banna
    Matrix Revolution- Starring: Keanu Reaves
    X-men 2 Starring: Halle Barry
    Spiderman Starring: ...

    and plenty more......reply to inquire

    Hollywood Classics
    James Bond Collections (10 Discs)
    Starwars Collections (5 Discs)

    Plus a whole lot "Reply" to inquire
    More listings here...
    Band Of Brothers
    Sex and the City
    and plenty more.....reply to inquire

    Sofware, Games, etc
    Windows XP
    Windows Server 2003
    Adobe software
    Symantec Software

    We have all the latest software and games, going at USD 8 dollars
    also. Please reply to inquire more!

    Use the following template and email the following information to:

    123, XXXXX,


    1) LOTR 3 - Return of the king
    2) Matrix 3 -- Reloaded
    3) ....

    Payment Method
    1. Electronic Bank Transfer to a Bank Of China account for first time
    users only. Repeat customers get to pay by online credit card after a
    trustworthy relationship has been established.

    I'll work out the total amount payable and email you back with payment
    details. Please provide all info. requested otherwise there may be a
    delay in response.

    Federal Express to worldwide. Delivered within 7 business days.

    All are in DVD format. You can watch it on the computer or a stand
    alone DVD player. You will receive a plain and unmarked cd without
    jewel case (packaged in plastic bag) in a discreet envelope.

    Payment Bank Details:
    Inform by email when you've done the transfer. Order will be sent by
    mail once payment is received.

    Provide your name, address and all info. requested so that order can
    be processed quickly.

    Guarantee/Return Policy:
    All defective DVDs will get a replacement at no charge upon return of
    defective merchandise. Refunds will only be given under exceptional
    circumstances, and only after the item has been returned to the

    Privacy Protection:
    All information is kept confidential and will not be sold or given to
    others for marketing purposes.

    New Release:
    Check often for a weekly update. Or you could request for a listing

    I can assure you I'm honest and fast at answering emails. Feel free to
    ask me any questions.


    Frequently Asked Question
    Q: What is 'Clear quality' and 'DVD quality'?

    A: When a movie is new and the DVD version is not produced yet, the
    movie is not DVD quality, but still clear enough to watch. DVD quality
    is equivalent to any other commercial DVDs. Normally, DVD quality
    titles are only available after a few months of the movie release.

    Q: How do I know I won't get ripped off?

    A: There's always a risk when you order something from an online
    store. Even those reputable ones. That's the #1 question that everyone
    will ask themselves. Very simple answer. I want repeat business and
    not just one off deals. It'll be more beneficial for me in the long
    run. I don't think short term. Will I jeopardise it? No. Repeat
    business will ease me to concentrate on my collection rather than to
    spend time to 'dupe' new customers. And anyway, the prices offered
    above are too inexpensive for me to 'dupe'. It's not worth my trouble!
    Jon Tey, Jan 29, 2004
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