Avi and divx splitters and choppers

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by EDWARD DOYLE, Apr 21, 2004.



    I recently recorded a movie from an peer to peer sharing application and i
    wanted to put it on to cdr.Every movie i download i put it on to a cdr so
    that i am not using up a lot of space on my hardrive.Could you be so kind in
    telling me what I could use to make it small enough to fit onto a cdr with
    700mb and if you dont know , how about being able to split it up to put on
    to two cd's.But would prefer to know if there is a way to shrink or compress
    the file in some way in order to fit it onto one cdr as i have tried burning
    it onto a blank dvd and nero said it couldn't support it.Also could you bear
    in mind i am just a beginner and would like to use something that simple
    your granma could useit.The same goes in how to put a movie you have put
    onto cdr and be able to transform it onto another disk so that my friend
    could watch it on his dvd player at home.I would so grateful and appreciate
    it if you could help.

    EDWARD DOYLE, Apr 21, 2004
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  2. Goto www.vcdhelp.com
    It will tell you all you need to know
    Gareth not NLL or anybody else., Apr 21, 2004
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