AVG Tool Bar??

Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by dcardarelli, Oct 11, 2013.

  1. dcardarelli

    dcardarelli Guest

    This tool bar got installed by mistake and the uninstall does not open and can't uninstall it.

    What is this tool bar?


    dcardarelli, Oct 11, 2013
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  2. Besides annoy you, nothing.
    Jeff Strickland, Oct 11, 2013
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  3. dcardarelli

    Dave Guest

    Yes, Jeff, it is annoying. Does it do any good? I do not see it showing up anywhere. And I do not see any additional tool bars. The only tool bar I have is Google.

    It got installed when I tried to install a DOCX TO DOC converter and I unchecked all the extraneous things that wanted to get installed during the installation, but that slipped through.


    Dave, Oct 11, 2013
  4. dcardarelli

    Paul Guest


    "Great shopping deals at your fingertips

    AVG Rewards helps you discover some of the best deals
    and lowest prices when you shop online. It saves you
    time and money by scouring the Internet to provide you
    with all the relevant deals and offers from your favorite
    online retailers."

    That's the monetizing portion. AVG sells advertising slots
    to retailers, so they'll show up in the "deals". Kerplop.

    And this page, offers the usual song and dance, about
    how easy it is to remove.


    And the answer here, suggests there is a "removal tool".
    I missed that in the previous link. The first link in
    the pair here, gives the same FAQ content.




    I was thinking, it would be fun to run this one, just to
    see if it recognizes that piece of crap for what it is.
    If you love to collect toolbars, this could be useful
    to download on occasion.


    Paul, Oct 12, 2013
  5. dcardarelli

    dcardarelli Guest

    Thanks, Paul, all worked fine. I did run adwcleaner after I removed the AVG Toolbar and it located about two dozen items that I did not recognize at all. I did not clear them as I don't know for sure what they are. Maybe Iwill have to study it a bit more.

    By the way, I ran MalwarBytes first and it did not find anything at all anywhere.


    dcardarelli, Oct 13, 2013
  6. dcardarelli

    Paul Guest

    MalwareBytes, as far as I know, doesn't respond to PUPs or
    Potentially Unwanted Programs. You see, the lawyers of the
    companies that write PUP type malware, they will tell you
    how the program is a cure for cancer, their company is
    pure as the driven snow, and so on. The idea being, they
    seek to scare the MalwareBytes of the world, into not
    removing the program. And so currently, adwcleaner is
    one of the few that takes on the PUPs programs. There
    is another program that performs a similar function,
    but for detection, that one uploads files from your
    computer to a server, and I just don't like the concept.
    The damn files should stay on your computer.

    Paul, Oct 13, 2013
  7. dcardarelli

    dcardarelli Guest

    Thanks, Paul, I understand. My computer works fine and I think I'll leave everything alone. I routinely run CCleaner, Spybot, and SuperAntiSpyware once or twice a month just for general housekeeping which removes some unwanted things.


    dcardarelli, Oct 13, 2013

  8. You're asking the wrong guy if it does any good, I've never met a tool bar
    that does any good. I disable them all all of the time.
    Jeff Strickland, Oct 13, 2013
  9. dcardarelli

    Robert Baer Guest

    Gee, i would like to try Adwcleaner, BUT..even tho it states it will
    work in Win2K, the download button makes it a liar in that a STUPID and
    UNNEEDED and UNDESIRED "loader" program is needed and that loader DOES
    NOT WORK in Win2K.
    I want just the plain jane program, i do not want a POS first!
    Why is it that most "venders" pull this stunt?
    The stupid "loader" can be any kind of malware, and one is hosed.
    Robert Baer, Oct 14, 2013
  10. dcardarelli

    Paul Guest

    This is the download link.



    adwcleaner Version (1,048,960 bytes)

    MD5 31e39e9ff261030f71c0209c016580f4
    SHA1 4680f3d43712e60036158957f9bda127e0ad6815

    I ran adwcleaner.exe while in a Win2K virtual
    machine. The program started. There were no add-ons
    promoted or requested.

    I couldn't really test the program, because the Ask Toolbar
    wants versions of software I didn't have installed :)
    Talk about funny. You'd think a Toolbar would jump
    at the chance to abuse an OS :) Since the Ask Toolbar
    would not install, I couldn't test AdwCleaner.

    I understand, in passing, I'm supposed to get KernelEx
    for Win2K ? I thought that was intended for Win98 users ?

    Paul, Oct 14, 2013
  11. dcardarelli

    Paul Guest


    Now, look at this picture. Download using the blue link.


    Make sure the file you get is 1,048,960 bytes. Pretty simple.

    Paul, Oct 14, 2013
  12. dcardarelli

    Robert Baer Guest

    Result was screen:
    The Download link has expired!

    The links to our downloads expire after 10 minutes. You will be
    redirected in three seconds to the proper page to download the program.
    So, i re-tried the link and got a program with the extremely
    informative name "setup.exe" of 1774KB, a size indicative of a real
    program instead of an "installer".
    Well it was totally useless; got error message that "gdiplus.dll"
    could not be found.

    So, for all intents and purposes, "Adwcleaner" does not exist and all
    talk about it is total BS.
    Robert Baer, Oct 14, 2013
  13. dcardarelli

    Robert Baer Guest

    * STRIKE 99! = = OUT!!
    I hate toolbars and any software that creates them.
    This means i will refuse to try adwcleaner.exe even if it otherwise
    is squeaky clean, is the best for the job,and even washes dishes.

    * could not find that on my Win2K HD, so the answer seems to be "no".
    However, it exists for Win98SE.
    Robert Baer, Oct 15, 2013
  14. dcardarelli

    Robert Baer Guest

    Robert Baer, Oct 15, 2013
  15. dcardarelli

    Paul Guest

    To repeat for the final time.

    Adwcleaner is for removing things like toolbars.
    Win2K is pretty primitive. My attempts to infect Win2K
    for test purposes failed.

    You can still run Adwcleaner, and use the Scan option.
    It will tell you about things it has found. You don't
    have to do any more than that if you don't want to.

    Do properties on the download, make sure it is 1,048,960 bytes
    in size (as of the day I downloaded it).

    Then run it. You don't have to use it to clean anything
    or quarantine or the like if you don't want to. Just try
    the scan button for now.

    Paul, Oct 15, 2013
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