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Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Coalition 2 Do Sumthin 'Bout IT, Mar 3, 2005.

  1. ***WARNING: Rant about to ensue...***

    It just phreeking slays me - all this hoopla and rally-'round-de-flagpole
    going on regarding possible solutions to malware infections and it's impact
    on the internet community as a whole!

    OK! So, let's say it's a valid enough problem:

    Problem being defined as malware and it's access to the community at large
    in general; but, specifically an exacerbation to the situation due to the
    lack of willingness or knowledge by 'John and/or Jane Ordinary-End-User' to
    update their systems and/or malware software.

    So, the universal solution, from Micro$oft (M$) on down seems to be a rigid
    encouragement, if not down-right enforcement, of auto-update features in
    these things... Ya'll feeling this a leetle bit?

    Now, let's take AVG for a specific: You can either allow it to auto-update,
    as per default; or not, with a little navigational effort. Same scenario
    with M$ Anti-Spyware, M$ WinXP, etc., etc., etc. (A little improv
    caricature from 'Anna and the King of Siam' the bald headed guy with a
    sissy skirt who *thinks* he's the king, but acts like a ... oh well...)

    You're right in the middle of naming a file, manually composing a theme of
    some sort or another, and what happens?

    Phreeking software goes "BOINK" and the notification dialog steals focus to
    tell you "OUR SOFTWARE has successfully updated... 30... 29... 28...,
    etc." Well ***_DUUUOOO'HHHHH_**** Same scenario with auto-scans, etc.
    Now you're bumped out of your project, have to re-navigate back to where
    you were, and spend 15 minutes reorganizing your monitor screens...

    What naturally happens after this? IN DROVES, people, just like you and
    me, turn off the phreeking automatic features (if they can) and we're right
    back to the first problem that the solution, aka: now the second problem,
    was proposed to fix! Nobody's got their updates turned on, and nobody's
    got their auto scans turned on. [In real life, does anyone seriously think
    that John and/or Jane End-User are going to leave their machines on all
    night long to accomodate updates and scans? Well, they're NOT; because
    they don't want to run up their electricity bills; they don't want the
    wasted hours online just waiting, etc., etc., etc. (little Siam bald-headed
    guy again)]

    Great! So, what now? If there's a solution, whatever could it be?

    Why can't the programeristinators simply code these things NOT to steal

    Why, whadda ya know!?!?!

    They could... And it's even easy.

    Hmm, well... That is if you can get through the belligerant egos with all
    the excuses and resistance to making their little math equations just a
    little bit more suitable for those of us who live in the real world, as
    opposed to some folks who live on a treadmill in front of a huge-gaming-
    plasma-monitor setup -- up there in Redmond, etc., etc., etc.

    Please, write your Congressman and Ministers and tell them how unholy this
    whole situation has become! Inform them of the dangers of crowded
    highways, polluted air, and global warming as a direct result of this
    irrational trend to auto-update even if it steals focus from what's really
    important in life and to our very civilization!!!

    Thanks for your attention and support.
    Coalition 2 Do Sumthin 'Bout IT, Mar 3, 2005
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  2. Coalition 2 Do Sumthin 'Bout IT

    philo Guest


    well if that bothers you...you certainly have the option to turn off
    and autoscan...it's that simple
    and besides AVG is a *free* utility

    there must be something better for you to complain about
    philo, Mar 4, 2005
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