Avaya IP Office 412 vs Cisco N+1

Discussion in 'VOIP' started by JC, Apr 23, 2004.

  1. JC

    JC Guest

    I am evaluating VoIP systems for a new office space. The hardware and
    cabling will be brand new and to specs for either system.

    What are the pros and cons (preferrably from someone thats already
    been down this road) to each of these systems?

    We are expecting 30 users (telephones) to begin and one location
    scaling quickly to 100 users and three locations.

    Specific questions I have:

    1) Can the Avaya system process the calls quickly and process
    voicemail-to-email instantly like the Cisco Integrated Messaging?

    2) Is their any gotcha's with either of these systems?

    3) We have a solid Cisco VAR and service provider. How important is
    after the sale availability in real world production systems?

    4) How do the WiFi phones (802.11b) and Polycom IP Conference phones

    5) Is there any questions I should be asking?

    Thanks in advance for your help!
    JC, Apr 23, 2004
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  2. JC

    Guest Guest

    Yes, have you looked at the Nortel BCM and the Mitel 3300 (or maybe the
    SX200 ICP). Cisco is over priced for the small/mid market. If you're talking
    100 phones per location, the Mitel is better then the BCM, but if it's more
    like 75 phones per location the BCM is perfect. Let's see, BCM one box
    includes Integrated Messaging and can do a multi-site centralized Voice-Mail
    everything works EXACTLY like you are in the same location, supports Symbol
    wireless phones (just like Mitel and Cisco) but adds a customized firmware
    to support softkeys and features just like the desk phones. The Mitel does
    all this too, is still less money then the Cisco, but would be more then the

    As for after sales service, this is EXTREMELY important especially with the
    Cisco. How long has you Cisco VAR been doing Voice? How long Data? Don't get
    me wrong, Cisco makes the best routers and switches but the Call Manager
    just isn't ready (and I was trained on it, and I'm certified in Cisco IP
    Good luck

    Randall Cohen
    Sr. Systems Engineer
    Alternative Communication Systems, Inc.
    Email: rcohen"_at_"acsvoicedata"_dot_"com
    Remove the "_at_" and "_dot_" and replace with @ and . respectively.
    Guest, Apr 23, 2004
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  3. JC

    Arcaidy Guest

    Have you looked into the CCM Express stuff??
    After sales support is very important. There is no way I'd purchase anything
    if I had a doubt about the support.
    I don't have experience with anything other than Cisco so I'll chime in on

    Our system has been stabel for the past two years. Not one glitch out side
    of SLA. Over the same period, This system has been as, or even more stable
    than our Nortel PBX.
    We have over 1000 users on our call manager cluster. WiFi and Polycom's work
    fine on the call manager.

    If you go with Cisco, buy a server with Raid. Upgrades suck. Thats my honest
    opinion. I have had problems with every one I have done. I do have multiple
    other applications connected to Call Manager, like ACD, but I consider that
    part as it's "certified.." Without being able to pull a hard drive out,
    you're going to ahve some serious issues if you need to back out for some
    reason. Patching really isn't an issue, becasue Cisco provides them for the
    OS and all. Also, Cisco now gives their security agent for Call Manager and
    Unity free. That's a nice plus. Unified Messaging works well. We are still
    deploying it, and it has been alot better than I expected. Used another UM
    product before that was pretty much worthless. Can't remember the name right

    For an installation that sizel, I'm not sure Cisco is the right choice
    unless you go with Express. That lacks some of the features though...

    hope my rambling helped some.

    Arcaidy, Apr 23, 2004
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