Auxiliary Power Connector : Problem?!

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Champagne Charlie, Feb 9, 2004.

  1. Scenario......
    PC is powered 'ON'......
    Keyboard lights flash once....
    Monitor is ON......'raster is fine....
    Nothing else looks like kicking in.
    AMI bios gives 1 long & 8 short beeps.
    (This suggests a video card problem).
    I change video card for known good one....'same pattern of beeps.
    I think "the motherboard is knackered"......?!
    How come it beeps though?! Hmm!
    All power connectors are okay...'tested with multimeter.
    But...'The PC has one of those 'Auxiliary Power Switches' which connects to
    the motherboard.
    It looks 'loose'....'I play around with it, but still 'feels' loose.

    Could this connection on the motherboard for the Aux Power Supply cause the
    problem described above?
    (Why? Why not?).

    Next question....
    When the bios beeps it's 1 long, 8 short code....'should the PC continue to
    Or, should the whole boot process just simply stop? i.e. no hard drive
    sounds, no keyboard lights etc.,.?

    Last question....
    Could a hairline crack in the motherboard cause this problem? If so, can it
    be easily repaired?


    Any assistance appreciated.
    Champagne Charlie, Feb 9, 2004
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  2. Champagne Charlie

    Sultan Guest

    Champagne Charlie wrote in
    Yes a hairline crack could be the problem,
    Try booting with just the hd connected, nothing else, no peripherials,
    cd, modem etc, what happens? If it boots add one device at a time until
    the nary do well shows itself.
    Another problem could be the little power indicators for the hd, disk
    activity lite etc, if some of those are in the wrong jumper pins then
    your system may not boot. Bottom line check and double check all

    Sultan, Feb 10, 2004
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