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Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Grewal, Feb 21, 2007.

  1. Grewal

    Grewal Guest

    Checkout this cool unit converter gadget with auto complete text box
    that I just submitted to Google. It understands input as mathematical
    expression involving any combination of units (i.e. m/s^2 to km/
    etc.) so virtually any custom unit conversion can be done in a user
    friendly text box.

    I will appreciate any feedback from the community.

    Gadget location on Google:

    Gadget location on my website is:


    The web site is still in kind of developing mode. I want to create a
    users supported website where units and the units related information
    can be added/deleted/edited by authorized users. As you would see, I
    have tried to tie any user input back to the given unit information
    page where more reference information (Wikipedia etc) can be found.
    (Note: not all the unit information pages have been populated with
    reference information yet!)
    Grewal, Feb 21, 2007
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  2. <>
    I tried and got this error message:

    Input String: furlong/fortnight to m/sec
    Error! Invalid Input string.
    Please Specify Input Unit to be converted.

    What does it mean? I thought I did it right.
    Michael Press, Feb 24, 2007
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  3. Grewal

    Grewal Guest

    The reason was, both furlong and fortnight were not entered in the
    unit database. Like I mentioned earlier, the web site is still in the
    developing mode. I picked up most of the common used units and its
    related reference information and tie it with the gadget so that the
    related information about the converted unit is just a mouse click
    away. I wanted to see the response from the community before I put a
    lot of efforts in populating the unit database.

    I just added both of the units (furlong and fortnight) in the database
    so they are available for conversion.
    Try " 1 furlong/fortnight to m/s " now and it should work.

    Note that I have used 's' for the second and not 'sec'. Within day or
    two I will update the conversion program to accept unit name plurals
    (furlongs , meters, kilograms etc.) , and other synonyms (sec for
    second, metre for meter etc) to increase the user friendliness of the

    In addition, I need community's help to populate the database. I have
    designed a fairly smart input form to add the unit in the database. If
    you want to see any other unit that is yet not available in the
    gadget, please submit it at the link below and once approved (within a
    day) it will be instantly available in the gadget as well as in other
    unit conversion program on the site.

    Link for unit submission:

    Grewal, Feb 26, 2007
  4. <>
    Here is my suggestion. Log on to a unix type system,
    and at the shell prompt enter

    man 1 units

    (That is the numeral one after `man')

    Near the end will be an entry like this

    /usr/share/misc/units.lib the standard units library

    Read the manual entry.
    Try the units utility.
    Examine the units.lib file.

    On another note, be sure that the message you send out
    actually quotes the message to which you reply.
    At the beginning I had no idea you were replying to me.
    Other people will be completely mystified.
    Michael Press, Feb 28, 2007
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