auto-fill stopped working on a few sites

Discussion in 'Firefox' started by Stubby, Jun 24, 2005.

  1. Stubby

    Stubby Guest

    I used to use "auto-fill" to fill in my user name and password on a few
    sites (I'm in a physically secure area). After installing Mozilla
    1.7.8 this feature stopped working on at least two sites, but it still
    functions properly on others.

    I'm told auto-fill is an HTML funstion or it can be implemented in the
    browser. Which is determined by the site I contact. So, I'm guessing
    the site(s) in question disabled the HTML implementation but Mozilla
    1.7.8 didn't pick it up (Password Manager?).

    Is there someone that can tell me how to track down the problem? Can I
    look at the script coming from the web site to see if it is disabling
    auto-fill? How can I figure out if Mozilla 1.7.8 is configured
    properly? Thanks.
    Stubby, Jun 24, 2005
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