Austrian town name (WARNING, dorty werdz)

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Gary G. Taylor, Jun 16, 2004.

  1. Residents of an Austrian village called F*cking, have voted
    against changing the name.

    The 150 or so people who live in the village debated the issue
    after roadsigns kept being stolen - many by British tourists.

    Spokesman Siegfried Hoeppl, said, "Everyone here knows what it
    means in English, but for us F*cking is F*cking - and it`s going
    to stay F*cking - even though the signs keep getting stolen."

    He said the name came from Mr F*ck and his family who settled in
    the area 100 years ago, and added "ing", meaning village or

    The villagers didn`t find out about the English meaning of the
    word until Allied soldiers stationed in the region in 1945
    pointed out the alternative meaning.

    Local newspaper editor Menhardt Buzasa said there had been an
    increase in the number of signs being stolen, and said British
    tourists were usually blamed.

    "I do not agree it is just the British. F*cking is universal.
    Germans use it as much now as the British, and it also means the
    same to the Americans, Australians and anyone in the English
    speaking world," he said.

    Similar votes on a name change have taken place recently in
    neighbouring Austrian towns Wank am see and Petting, as well as
    in Vomitville and Windpassing.
    Gary G. Taylor, Jun 16, 2004
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  2. Gary G. Taylor

    Boomer Guest

    Heh. Good story!

    Speaking of names...

    Assinippi (Massachusetts, USA)
    Ballville (Ohio, USA)
    Bangor (Wales)
    Beaver (Oklahoma, USA)
    Beaver Bottom (Kentucky, USA)
    Big Cockup and Little Cockup (England)
    Black Butte (Oregon, USA)
    Black Charlie's Opening (Australia)
    Bloody Dick (Montana, USA)
    Blowhard (Australia)
    Bone's Knob (Queensland, Australia)
    Brown Willy (Cornwall,UK)
    Butt's Corner (New York, USA)
    Chinaman's Knob (Australia)
    Climax Springs (Missouri, USA)
    Cockburn (Australia)
    Cockland (Ohio, USA)
    Cocksgag (Ohio, USA)
    Cocktown (Wexford, Ireland)
    Dick Johnson (Indiana, USA)
    Dikshit (India)
    Dildo (Newfoundland, Canada)
    Dong Rack (Thailand-Cambodia border)
    Dongo (Congo, Democratic Republic)
    Dyckesville (Wisconsin, USA)
    Elephant Butte (New Mexico, USA)
    Euren (Wisconsin, USA)
    Fingeringhoe (Essex, UK)
    Fruitport (Michigan, USA)
    Fugit (Kentucky, USA)
    Fukum (Yemen)
    Gobblers Knob (Kentucky, USA)
    Handcock Town (North Carolina, USA)
    Hookersville (West Virginia, USA)
    Intercourse (Pennsylvania, USA)
    Kinmount (Ontario, Canada)
    Lickdale (Pennsylvania, USA)
    Lickey End (West Midlands, UK)
    Licking Valley (Ohio, USA)
    Likwang (China)
    Long Dong (Guangxi, China)
    Lord Berkeley's Knob (Sutherland, Scotland)
    Maggie's Nipples (Wyoming, USA)
    Mount Holly (New Jersey, USA)
    Mount Mee (Australia)
    Mount Titlis (Switzerland)
    Mt. Buggery (Australia)
    Muff (County Donegal, Ireland)
    Needmore (Texas, USA)
    Nether Wallop (England)
    Nobber (Donegal, Ireland)
    Pecker's Point (Newfoundland, Canada)
    Penistone (South Yorkshire, UK)
    Petting (Germany)
    Pickles Gap (Arkansas)
    Pis Pis River (Nicaragua)
    Prickwillow (England)
    Reamstown (Pennsylvania, USA)
    Sackville (Canada)
    Sally's Gap (Ireland)
    Sandy Balls (England)
    Sexbierum (Netherlands)
    Sexmoan (Luzon, Philippines)
    Seymen (Turkey)
    Shafter (California, USA)
    Shitlingthorpe (Yorkshire, UK)
    Slackbottom (Yorkshire, UK)
    Spuzzum (Canada)
    Tilicum (Washington, USA)
    Titting (Germany)
    Titty Ho (England)
    Tittybong (Australia)
    Titz (Germany)
    Turdo (Romania)
    Twatt (Orkney, UK)
    Wankener (India)
    Wankie (Zimbabwe)
    Wankie Colliery (Zimbabwe)
    Wanks River (Nicaragua)
    Wet Beaver Creek (Australia)
    Yocumtown (Pennsylvania, USA)
    Zip Down (Pennsylvania, USA)
    Boomer, Jun 16, 2004
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  3. Gary G. Taylor

    °Mike° Guest

    Little Piddle

    Wyre Piddle

    In case the meaning is lost:
    piddle Verb. To urinate. Cf. 'riddle' and 'widdle'. {Informal}
    Noun. 1. Urine.
    2. An act of urination.
    °Mike°, Jun 16, 2004
  4. Gary G. Taylor

    Boomer Guest

    Boomer, Jun 16, 2004
  5. Gary G. Taylor

    °Mike° Guest

    YW. :)

    I just came across a few more:

    Arsoli (Lazio, Italy)
    Bastard (Norway)
    Climax (Colorado, USA)
    Dog Dyke (Midlands,UK)
    Fuku (Shensi, China)
    Fukui (Honshu, Japan)
    Jacks Bush (Salisbury, UK)
    Middle Intercourse Island (Australia)
    Pratt's Bottom (Kent, UK)
    Shag Island (Indian Ocean)
    Wankendorf (Schleswig-Holstein, Germany)
    °Mike°, Jun 16, 2004
  6. Gary G. Taylor

    Boomer Guest

    Cool! Thanks again!

    There's one I 'should' have listed. But didn't even think about it..
    <eg> ..for a variety of reasons.
    Boomer, Jun 16, 2004
  7. Boomer spilled my beer when they jumped on the table and proclaimed in
    There's also a state park north of Lexington somewhere KY called "Big Bone
    Lick State Park". :)

    Thund3rstruck_n0i, Jun 16, 2004
  8. Gary G. Taylor

    °Mike° Guest

    That's odd, I don't see Boomer's reply to me, and can't retrieve
    it from the Message-ID, either. It's not on, nor
    on -- I wonder if she cancelled it? I was going
    to ask you to repost it, but better not, in case she cancelled
    it for a reason.
    °Mike°, Jun 16, 2004
  9. Gary G. Taylor

    Boomer Guest


    Cool! Thanks again! :)
    Boomer, Jun 16, 2004
  10. Gary G. Taylor

    Boomer Guest

    Wow. I bet there are tons of park names, mountian names and who know
    what other type *odd* names there are through out the world.


    Thanks, Thund3rstruck. :)
    Boomer, Jun 16, 2004
  11. Gary G. Taylor

    Rob K Guest

    Gary G. Taylor wrote :


    Here in the low countries :

    - Cock is a not uncommon first name,
    - Fukking is a surname you'll certainly be able to find in a phone
    - Sexbierum is a very popular place to go (sex beer it)
    - Waspik is another fav town (wash cock)

    maybe Aunt Agatha and Jeroen Wijnands will add items to this list.
    Rob K, Jun 17, 2004
  12. Gary G. Taylor

    joevan Guest

    I may have not seen it posted but Intercourse Pa. Not too far from me.
    joevan, Jun 17, 2004
  13. Gary G. Taylor

    Boomer Guest

    Got it already. :)

    Can you think of a few more? I know there are a few more in that
    area. ;)
    Boomer, Jun 17, 2004
  14. Gary G. Taylor

    °Mike° Guest

    You're welcome. :)
    °Mike°, Jun 17, 2004
  15. Gary G. Taylor

    joevan Guest

    Walnut Bottom , (Middlesex , sort of common). Bird In Hand ,Pa.
    I just can't remember the others at this time.
    joevan, Jun 17, 2004
  16. Gary G. Taylor

    SgtMinor Guest

    Wow, Boomer, I need to take a break. Could I buy you a beer sometime?
    SgtMinor, Jun 17, 2004
  17. Gary G. Taylor

    °Mike° Guest

    On 16 Jun 2004 23:13:30 GMT, in
    Boomer scrawled:

    Cock Bush Hall Farm (UK)
    Cock Hill (UK)
    Cock Play (UK)
    Cock Pond (UK)
    Cockfoster (UK)
    Faggot (UK)
    Fanny Barks (UK) <-- "Fanny" has a different meaning in the UK. :)
    Hairy Side (UK)
    Herbert's Hole (UK)
    Lady's Hole (UK)
    Nasty (UK)
    Shitlington Crags (UK)
    Slag Hill (UK)
    Spital Tongues (UK)
    Thong (UK)
    Titsey Park (UK)
    Tyttenhanger (UK)
    Wide Open Dykes (UK)
    °Mike°, Jun 17, 2004
  18. Gary G. Taylor

    °Mike° Guest

    Oops, sorry, forgot to add this one:
    °Mike°, Jun 17, 2004
  19. Gary G. Taylor

    Juan Pérez Guest

    French Lick, NJ <packing my bags>
    Juan Pérez, Jun 17, 2004
  20. Gary G. Taylor

    Juan Pérez Guest

    Bird-In-Hand, PA
    Blue Ball, PA
    Juan Pérez, Jun 17, 2004
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