Attn: Panasonic FZ5 Users and Canon S1-IS Users

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by measekite, May 26, 2005.

  1. measekite

    measekite Guest

    Are you all happy with your choice?

    What are some of the things you do not like other than the EVF?

    Do you shoot much at ISO 200 or ISO 400? What kind of results do you get?

    How is the noise level when compared to other 5MP point and shoots you
    have used?
    measekite, May 26, 2005
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  2. measekite

    Rick Guest

    On the S1 IS, cruddy image quality, no AF lamp.
    No. Noise and CA are bad enough at ISO 100. Any higher
    and it's truly ugly.
    See above. If noise levels are your first concern seek out a
    used Sony F717. Its sensor is huge (2/3").
    Rick, May 26, 2005
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  3. With the Panasonic FZ5 - yes. My wife also has the Panasonic FZ20 and is
    happy with it.
    Lack of a swivel LCD. The EVF is quite usable, but not as good as the
    Minolta A2 (which is much more expensive).
    Only for night scenes, where the added noise adds to the atmosphere of the
    picture. You can use software to reduce the noise - if you want.
    Perhaps slightly higher than in the Nikon Coolpix 5700 which has the
    larger 8.8 x 6.6mm sensor ("2/3 inch"). Not enough to bother an A4-sized
    print (297 x 210mm).

    David J Taylor, May 26, 2005
  4. measekite

    imbsysop Guest

    FYE .. CA is ISO independent .. it is a lens imperfection aka purely
    optical ..
    imbsysop, May 26, 2005
  5. measekite

    Rick Guest

    Sorry, I thought the parentheses around 'and CA' were implied.
    Rick, May 26, 2005
  6. imbsysop wrote:
    But the poster may mean "purple fringing", which is not a lens issue and
    not CA (chromatic aberration), because it is a sensor defect. PF looks
    similar, and is therefore easily mistaken for CA. As a sensor defect, it
    could well be affected by how the sensor is operated at different ISO

    David J Taylor, May 26, 2005
  7. I like my S1 IS. It takes pictures that would otherwise be missed. The 10X
    zoom and IS work well. I've gotten used to the EVF. It's important to
    remember it's always a perfect 100% view at any zoom. I shoot a lot at
    ISO400 and use Noise Ninja to clean it up. Again, it takes shots that would
    otherwise not be there at all. It's great for kids in action, and I have
    many active grandchildren.

    That said, I intend to replace it soon with an S2 IS. It should be even

    David Sommers, May 26, 2005
  8. measekite

    imbsysop Guest

    exactly .. why doen't he say PF then ? so at least we know what he
    means ?
    imbsysop, May 26, 2005
  9. Because the distinction between CA and PF has become clouded by shoddy
    analysis and common usage?

    David J Taylor, May 26, 2005
  10. measekite

    imbsysop Guest

    I know, but to me that is very poor excuse certainly in a somewhat
    tech discussion :)
    imbsysop, May 26, 2005
  11. measekite

    Lisa Horton Guest

    I'm completely happy with my S1, it's exactly what I wanted it to be.
    I wish it had an AF light, I wish I could turn off the info display on
    the EVF.
    I often shoot at 400, when shooting indoors. It's a bit noisy (or maybe
    more than a bit..) but I expect that from a small sensor snapshot
    I haven't and don't' really intend to use any high MP P&S cameras. I
    have DSLR's for high quality, the S1 is for snapshots. It's small size
    & light weight make it perfect to carry along, it's 10X IS zoom and full
    manual controls & overrides make it a useful photographic tool.

    It's my "other" camera, and in that role, it's exactly right.

    Lisa Horton, May 26, 2005
  12. measekite

    Nostrobino Guest

    Like the silly term "crop factor" where multiplier is meant.

    Nostrobino, May 26, 2005
  13. measekite

    measekite Guest

    Why wouldn't you consider a Panasonic FZ5 with a Leica Lens?
    measekite, May 26, 2005
  14. measekite

    Phil Guest

    It'a a bit early to say. I have only had my FZ5 for 2 days!

    First impressions are good and the image quality is superb - but
    probably not as good as the Canon if you judge by the test shots on
    the review sites. But it's good enough for me.

    The stabilised zoom is *magnificent*. Hand held shots at 1/100th using
    the full 432mm are superb. I am *very* impressed.

    So far I have only used IS0 100.

    I have only used 4mpix cameras before, so I cannot compare noise
    levels for you.

    An important factor for me is how it feels in my hand(s). It is just
    right and all the knobs and dials are well placed.

    The EVF is excellent especially if, like me, you have poor eyesight. I
    can view all the info that is normally displayed on the LCD.

    The only fault I have found so far is that if you fail to open the
    flip up flash when shooting in poor light, the result will be very
    dark mud!

    Go for it!

    Phil, May 26, 2005
  15. I have looked at the Panasonic FZ5 some. And I trust Canon more to make a
    camera that works and shoots the way I like.

    I have two Panasonic video cameras: a PV-GS400 and the SV-AV100. They are
    both quite good. The 3CCD PV-GS400 takes 4.1 MP stills through its Leica
    lens. They suck. The video is excellent. So maybe that's part of my
    prejudice. And Canon still cameras seem more rugged to me. My two Panasonic
    vid-cams are far from junk, but don't have the rugged feel of my Canon still

    So, I'll likely stick with Canon for my point-and-shoots.

    David Sommers, May 27, 2005
  16. Still pictures from a video camera will be of much lower resolution than
    from a stills camera, and that should not be a factor in your judgement, I
    think. How the camera works and feels to you is certainly an important
    factor, and I would recommend anyone to try both cameras before deciding.
    For us, the 3MP of the Canon S1-IS was simply too low a resolution.

    David J Taylor, May 27, 2005
  17. CrunchyDoodle, May 27, 2005
  18. measekite

    ATM Guest

    I've owned a Canon S1 IS for a little over a year. The camera takes good
    pictures, as long as the ISO remains
    below 100, anything above that and the noise is awful. Sometimes even at ISO
    100 you can see the noise. The
    autofocus hunts when the light levels go down, but you can go around that by
    using manual focusing or hyperfocal.

    Don't get me wrong, I love my camera but is time to upgrade to something
    with higher resolution and less noise. I have
    some pictures posted in my website.

    ATM, May 27, 2005
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