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Discussion in 'MCSE' started by Network Guru, Mar 14, 2006.

  1. Network Guru

    Network Guru Guest

    I am a Guru...a Network guru...and a former Lamer of the week. Moreover, I
    have a 5 year track record of posting tothis newsgroup. What are your

    Ah, heck...I'm trolling you so you can post a reply and add to your total
    postings and to make Frisbee©® read the reply.
    Network Guru, Mar 14, 2006
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  2. Network Guru

    lowdes Guest

    I wish I was lamer of the week :-(.
    lowdes, Mar 14, 2006
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  3. **Network Guru's** the one who fcukin said it
    Wowsers!!!! *5* Years??? I'm impressed...truly impressed. I can't wait to
    grow up and be just like you. Can I? Can I? Huh, can I??? Oh Please let me
    be like Network Guru when I get older.

    Are you fsuking real??

    Did your mother give any live births?
    I just love being hated by these fools.

    This is the reason I wake up in the morning!
    Bigus Di©kus, Mar 14, 2006
  4. Network Guru

    TechGeekPro Guest

    So it is written, so it shall be done.
    TechGeekPro, Mar 14, 2006
  5. Network Guru

    TechGeekPro Guest

    You truly are a clueless idiot, Big D1ck, or whatever.
    TechGeekPro, Mar 14, 2006
  6. Network Guru

    Guest Guest

    You can check that in your live camcorder net
    No need to share it

    Guest, Mar 14, 2006
  7. Network Guru

    Frisbee® Guest

    It's hard to argue with you when yore rite.
    Frisbee®, Mar 14, 2006
  8. Network Guru

    Briscobar Guest

    Here I was, minding my own business, when out of nowhere, THIS happens. Why?
    Why? Why? Why do you hate me so?
    Briscobar, Mar 14, 2006
  9. Network Guru

    Guest Guest

    oh yeah... NSFW

    Guest, Mar 14, 2006
  10. Yes I am, but last night I was a clueless idiot in a bad fsuking mood.

    I'm in a better fsuking mood now.

    Too late?
    Bigus Di©kus, Mar 14, 2006
  11. **Frisbee®'s** the one who fcukin said it
    h3ll, I even agree with him.
    Bigus Di©kus, Mar 14, 2006
  12. Network Guru

    CBIC Guest

    It's hard being the new guy around here. There's alot of history.
    CBIC, Mar 14, 2006
  13. Network Guru

    LnkWizard Guest

    Just who the fusk pee'ed in your wheaties this morning? Who's
    daughter kicked your dog? Did some cluser crash your server in
    the middle of a migration?

    There is no reason for this level of cruelty. You should know better,
    you had best apologigize or someone will send you the other image
    that is even grosser that the one you mentioned, or even worse they
    will call you the offspring of P.S. (I am using her initials as I don't
    need to incur any further wrath from my compatriots, they are still
    miffed about the Neil challenge).

    Lnkwizard2 MCNGP 2^5
    "He who does not test himself is worthless indeed"
    LnkWizard, Mar 14, 2006
  14. Network Guru

    Frisbee® Guest

    True dat.
    Frisbee®, Mar 14, 2006
  15. Network Guru

    Neil Guest

    agreed. there should be a list of banned term in this group...eddiepox for
    Neil, Mar 14, 2006
  16. Network Guru

    Neil Guest

    NG is real, with updates and the best. NEVER go in against a LotM when
    DEATH is on the line!
    Neil, Mar 14, 2006
  17. Network Guru

    Neil Guest

    it has to be someone. might as well be him...
    Neil, Mar 14, 2006
  18. Network Guru

    CBIC Guest

    I'm just glad it's not me.
    CBIC, Mar 14, 2006
  19. Network Guru

    MitchS Guest

    Go.. whatever and ep... more letters. Maybe we can have MS add them to the
    nannybot filters along with Paisle..%^@$*&^$##>>... NO CARRIER.
    MitchS, Mar 14, 2006
  20. Network Guru

    MitchS Guest

    Which is why sometimes one should lurk and research in order to minimize the
    number of shoe leather entrees one is forced to consume.
    MitchS, Mar 14, 2006
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