"Attached devices" list -Netgear DG834G

Discussion in 'Home Networking' started by robert, Jul 17, 2006.

  1. robert

    robert Guest


    Since upgrading firmware to V3.01.25, the "attached devices" list on
    the router browser page is very flakey.

    There is no problem with wireless devices actually connecting and
    working but wireless devices are only listed for 1 to 2 hours then
    only wired devices listed.

    Disabling and re-enabling "access control" resolves the problem for 1
    to 2 hours.

    Switching off wireless devices and reconnecting makes no difference.

    I am using Access Control, IP address reservation, and no encryption.

    I dont seem to be getting anywhere with Netgear support.

    Any ideas - or is this a common problem ?

    robert, Jul 17, 2006
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  2. robert

    Philip K Guest

    I'm running V3.01.29 on my DG834G and the list is not showing any of my
    wireless attached devices. I think this feature has always been flaky -
    I can't remember any firmware version on which it did work.
    Philip K, Jul 22, 2006
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  3. robert

    Ivor Jones Guest

    My router (AVM Fritz!Box Fon) will only display attached devices if they
    get their IP addresses from the built in DHCP server. Anything with a
    fixed address, such as my print server box, doesn't show up.

    Ivor Jones, Jul 22, 2006
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