ATi X800 XT 256MB. Free Shipping worldwide!

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by X800 XT, Aug 15, 2004.

  1. X800 XT

    X800 XT Guest

    UPDATE: I e-mailed the two guys ( Carl Morga, and Jon Hardman ) that just
    won the X800 XT card, and they BOTH confirmed that, indeed, they BOTH received their
    brand new X800 XT, only 4 days after registering!! And now playing freaking DOOM3
    at blazing speeds!!!

    Boy oh boy, are we getting excited here or what??!! :)

    Ok, you might be wondering on where to purchase a brand new spanking ATi X800 XT
    256MB ( basically the meanest and leanest video card out there ) for cheap.

    Well, Here is the deal :)

    If you register *NOW* ( seriously ) for a free gift on *ANY GIFT LIST* on and ONLY if you give the secret keyword "Nouj Dow"
    in the "Referral ID" field on the registration form, you WILL receive an X800 XT
    256MB video card!

    It REALLY is THAT simple!!!!

    Oh, and ONLY by using secret word "Nouj Dow" as your "Referral ID" in the
    registration form, you WILL speed up YOUR wait time and increase you chances!!!

    But, You should register right away, because i honestly want you guys to win
    your stuff!

    There is many items to choose from, not only video cards, but cell phones,X-bOx,
    and many other items!

    Go check for yourself, you have nothing to loose!

    Again I must emphasize the importance of acting FAST when buying from this site
    because the lists are filling up extremely fast, but the newly listed products
    are almost empty, so if you act quickly you will be one of the first, if not,
    THE FIRST, to receive the gift of your choice!

    I swear guys, if you want to go for it, please do NOT wait until tomorrow. This
    site is legitimate and is for real, but the more you wait, the more you will have
    to wait to get your gift! Even a few hours, could slow your chances of getting your
    gift :-/

    Man, oh man, could you guys imagine yourselfs playing DOOMIII @ 100+ FPS!
    I sure can!! :)

    Oh, and this website do not only give away Video Cards, you can get yourself an
    Xbox, an iPod, a Sony VAIO or whatever they offer! check it out! Man i can't
    beleive i am giving you guys this information for free when others are paying
    hundreds to get that new website's address!

    By registering you WILL get the item of your choice ( an xBox maybe? or is it a
    brand new silver iPod? ) on that website! I solemnly swear guys, this site is for

    But i strongly urge you, if you want to participate, to do it now, while the list
    is still small so you still have good chance of getting the item you want :) or
    else, you'll shoot yourself in the foot later, wondering "Why didn't I do this

    And do not forget that ONLY by using secret keyword "Nouj Dow" as your Referral
    ID that You will SPEED up your wait time and increase your chances!!!

    See you soon my friends and i seriously hope you enjoy your 100FPS+ in DOOM III :)

    ( if you feel the need to thank me for sharing this with you, just do me a service,
    spank those DOOMIII ALiens ASSES real hard when you get your X800 XT! LOL!!)

    X800 XT, Aug 15, 2004
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  2. LARTs away
    =?ISO-8859-1?Q?R=F4g=EAr?=, Aug 16, 2004
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  3. X800 XT

    Jim Berwick Guest

    Aside from this entire thing being bullshit, I don't think a Radeon X800 XT
    gets 100+ FPS in Doom 3 at any settings I would want to play at after
    getting the one of the fastest card on the market. "Upgrade" to an X800 so
    I can play at 640x480 instead of 1024x768?
    Jim Berwick, Aug 16, 2004
  4. hehe it's amazing how much bullshit you find on the web
    Gareth Howells, Aug 16, 2004
  5. X800 XT

    DC Guest

    So, why'd you have to quote it all?

    DC, Aug 18, 2004
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