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Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by Steffi, Sep 5, 2003.

  1. Steffi

    Steffi Guest

    My daughter's machine suddenly stopped playing either vcds or dvds and I
    assumed it was because she'd got windows Media Player, Winamp player, Real
    Player, Quick Time player, Uncle Tom Cobbley player and all. So off I went
    to uninstall them all then just reinstall one. I uninstalled them all then
    started to download the latest Win Media player using Gozilla. An error
    message came up that a gozilla file was corrupted (probably as a result of
    using Ad aware to remove spyware) so as she doesn't really use, I
    uninstalled gozilla too. It prompted me to re boot which I did - except when
    it restarted (before reaching windows) I got the message "Invalid system
    disk. Replace and hit any key). Normally I'd expect it to be a floppy
    accidentally left in or similar but in this case there was no disk of any
    sort in the machine. Hitting any key broight up the message "Insert Atapi
    boot disk".

    And that is as far as I can get. Haven't a clue what the Atapi boot disk is
    but having looked through her cds I'm pretty certain she doesn't have one.
    In the end I had to leave it and come home and appeal for help. So HELP!!

    She's running 98SE, 60G HDD, 64 RAM, AMD 800 processor by the way.
    Steffi, Sep 5, 2003
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  2. Steffi

    Wizard Guest

    Put a emergency boot disk in a: and boot to it. At the A: prompt type:
    fdisk/mbr [enter] then type: sys c: [enter]. shut down, remove floppy
    and boot normally with all your drives empty.
    Wizard, Sep 5, 2003
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  3. Steffi

    Steffi Guest

    Many thanks for your suggestions - daughter lives 30miles away so not had a
    chance to try anything yet. going over later this morning. Can I make a
    98boot disk on my own pc first, - bearing in mind that I am running XP? I've
    hd a look at but don't know which boot disk she needs -
    "Windows 98 SE OEM" or
    "Windows 98 SE Custom, No Ramdrive". I have the original win 98 that was
    installed on her pc.
    Can anyone advise?
    Steffi, Sep 6, 2003
  4. Steffi

    Steffi Guest

    OK, so I've tried booting from the floppy. It seemed to work, showed windows
    was starting then stuck on the C prompt. Tried C/; startup etc with no
    luck. (Did notice that during the start up there was the message "PCI
    device detect failed -device not found" and Creative SB16 Emulation driver
    not loading" Daughter states these massages have appeared on each boot and
    are because she had a new sound card installed and it still searches for the
    old one.

    So I tried altering it so it booted from the cd rom and went through the
    process of installing win 98 again. Seemed to go fine until it rebooted and
    started searching for installed hardware. Then I got the error message
    "Invalid VxD dynamic link call from VWIN32 (01) +00000714 to device 00009
    service 1. Windows configuration is invalid."

    Ignoring it and carrying on just brought me round again and again to the
    same point. I really don't want to have to format and reinstall - mainly
    because I don't know how to, but also because although she's backed up most
    of her data etc., she won't have backed up her address book, messages etc
    and is unlikely to be able to find the drivers disks etc that go with
    reformatting everything. Anyone any suggestions for simply reinstalling Win
    98 without formatting or else repairing the current installation?
    Steffi, Sep 6, 2003
  5. Steffi

    Neil Green Guest

    Try This::
    Boot from Win 98 boot disk which you've said you can make on your PC.
    If your CD is an upgrade version, you'll need a copy of an older OS (Win3.x
    for Win95upgrage, Win3.x or Win95 for Win98upgrade).
    Remove any DOS drivers:
    At the c:\ prompt type,
    del autoexec.*
    del config.*
    Make sure the new installation won't see the old one. In order to do that,
    cd windows
    cd \
    ren windows windows.old
    ren progra~1 progra~1.old
    E:\win98 (if E is the CD drive :)
    Now, you'll have a fresh Win9x installation. All the files from the old
    installation will be in c:\windows.old and c:\progra~1.old, from which you
    can recover whatever information you want. After you're done, you can remove
    these directories to save space.

    * If you have any DOS-based programs that rely on specific Autoexec, Config
    or "Boot to previous version of MSDOS" configurations, this procedure may
    render them inoperational.
    Neil Green, Sep 7, 2003
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