AS5300: IOS updates, performance trade-offs, dial-up wackiness

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by Pavlov, May 12, 2004.

  1. Pavlov

    Pavlov Guest

    My two AS5300 were running great on 12.3.5b. Connection success rates
    were the highest I had ever seen in the 4+ years I'd been
    administering them. Both hovered at a little over 95% +/- .25%. After
    I updated to 12.3.5c to remedy those recent critical security
    problems, one of them dropped down to 91% success rate and the other
    is happily chugging along at about 94.25%. 12.3.6 / 6a only made
    things worse on both 5300s to the point that I had to revert back to
    12.3.5c. The funny thing is that nothing's changed in my
    configuration. I would surmise that these types of strange anomalous
    things aren't intentionally introduced into new revs of the IOS, but
    it just seems ridiculous the amount of variance in revisions. Anyone
    else experience this or is it just me? Keeping my fingers crossed for

    - Pavlov

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    Pavlov, May 12, 2004
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